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Date of Course:
25 Oct 2017 - 29 Oct 2017

Don't miss the new Fascial Distortion Model course taking Europe by storm and coming to SA in October, especially if you are soft tissue manual therapist!
  • Lecturer: Beatrix Baumgartner
  • Price: R7600 Early Bird Ticket / R8500 Standard Ticket
  • CPD Points: 40 CEUs applied for and 6 free optional ethics home study


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    5-Day FASCIAL DISTORTION MODEL COURSE – MODULE 1&2 , with Beatrix Baumgartner – Cape Town ; 25-29 October 2017

    Course times; 1-8pm on day 1,2,3; 8.30-5pm on days 4,5.


    More Info

    The Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) is a specific medical approach which attributes the cause of physical afflictions and impaired motor function to one or several of six typical forms of fascial distortion in the human organism. As soon as the distortion is corrected, an effective and comprehensively measurable treatment of pain and restricted mobility is possible.

    In FDM, the diagnostic process is based on three pillars of analysis. Particular attention is directed at a patient’s body language when describing pain. Intuitive gestures, when correctly interpreted, are direct indicators of fascial distortions. The patient’s case history as well as a series of examinations complete the FDM diagnosis.

    The principles of FDM can be applied to a variety of different medical areas and expand the diagnostic options doctors and physiotherapists have at their disposal. FDM enables an effective treatment of patients presenting with a variety of medical diagnoses, but at the present time, the FDM approach is primarily chosen for musculoskeletal complaints and chronic pain.

    Unique position features of FDM

      • Pain gesture is the most important pillar of diagnostics in FDM, thus enabling direct contact with the patient´s proprioception
      • The patient´s pain gesture and body language are simply being decoded and made use of for medical treatment. That way the patient becomes the expert who leads the therapist quickly and efficiently towards a successful treatment.
      • FDM makes communication with the patient possible at eye level and thus results in a very intense interaction with the patient
      • Treatment is often intensely perceptible and therefore particularly high demands are placed on the therapist´s competence concerning respect ant attentiveness towards the patient
      • Patients confirm frequently that the therapist has understood their problems
      • The therapist does not only have immediate influence of the painful situation but also on the patients proprioception
      • In the framework of FDM the approach is integrated to raise the patient´s motivation to conduct physical activity


    • FDM brings quick results and can immediately be observed
    • The application of FDM is mainly done manually – thus expensive equipment is not necessary
    • The concept was developed by Stephen Typaldos from practice for practice, can be learned easily and applied immediately
    • FDM can be learned in 3 modules opening immediately a wide area of application ranging from office people to competitive sports
    • We offer the highest FDM standard in the curriculum and for certification
    • The structuredness of the model and the modular system contribute to its easy way of learnability and high relevance for practice
    • High reliability between the therapists
    • Model (from the book)

    Reproducibility: FDM as a Model always produces the same results under the same circumstances. The precondition is a high degree of reliability

    The predictability: FDM as a model can predict certain results/ events.

    FDM Worldwide Net:
    There are four FDM Associations which work together and had already six FDM world congresses. The last one was in 2014 in San Antonio Texas ( the 5th took place in Vienna in 2011- organized by the EFDMA)

    1) AFDMA- American FDM Association-
    Also Marjorie Kasten- who was the PT and Co Editor of Stephen Typaldos is member of AFDMA

    2) FAA- FDM Asian Association ( Keisuke Tanaka 2005) –
    3) EFDMA- European FDM Association ( founded 2006 by Dr. Harrer, Dr. Breinessl,…)

    Instructors of the EFDMA have been teaching for 10 years all over Europe ( Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Slovenia………)

    4) SAMDF- Societe Africaine du Modele de Distorsion fasciale ( Burkina Faso, Kenya)

    Some history Facts:

    Stephen Typaldos 1957-2006
    he developed FDM from 1991 to 1995
    1996 first book
    1997 started to teach in Vienna ( first course in Europe) where he met Dr. Harrer
    2001 after 9/11- Dr. Stephen Typaldos nominated Dr. Harrer as first FDM instructor in Europe 2006 Dr. Stephen Typaldos died and the EFDMA was founded

    Overview of certifications

    • BC – Basic certificate (after attending the three modules)
    • IC- international certificate
    • Instructor examinationSummary: EFDMA has been founded by Dr. Harrer- who had a deep friendship with Stephen Typaldos and was nominated as first Instructor in Europe by Stephen Typaldos himself. AFDMA, FFA, EFDMA and Afrika work together.Vienna was the first city where Stephen Typaldos taught FDM in Europe and it is the head quarter of the EFDMA.
      It would be great to welcome the students of physio-club in the world wide FDM net.

    Module 1:

    • Basic introduction to the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM)
    • General examination and treatment principles
    • Specific examination and treatment principles of shoulder, knee and ankle applying the Typaldos Method

    Module 2:

    • Refresher course and revision of basic knowledge
    • Specific examination and treatment principles of pelvic area/hips, lower and middle back and neck applying the Typaldos Method



    FDM instructors are certified according to European Fascial Distortion Model Association (EFDMA) exam standards and guidelines.

    • They have been certified by a panel of experts.
    • They have extensive practical experience utilizing the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) and the Typaldos Method
    • They are dedicated to contributing to a continual enhancement and qualityàassurance in FDM training


    Target group:

    Medical doctors, physiotherapists, osteopathsalternative practitioners (Germany), napropaths (Sweden). Massage Therapists are not allowed to attend FDM courses!


    A Club Physio Courses registration includes:
    • Most supplies needed for the course as suggested by the instructor; you may be requested to bring along some equipment needed for the course and in your clinic thereafter.
    • An electronic course manual (you can choose to print it out or save and bring it along on your laptop / tablet; please bring extra writing paper should you wish to make extra notes;
    • Tea / coffee / snacks on each day;
    • A signed certificate of attendance.


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    Course Times

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    • 1-8pm on day 1,2,3; 8.30-5pm on days 4,5.




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