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Date of Course:
23 Oct 2017

  • Lecturer: Beatrix Baumgartner, Austria
  • Price: R2700 Early Bird Ticket / R3000 Standard Ticket
  • CPD Points: 8 CEUs applied for


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    THE FLOSSING COURSE, with Beatrix Baumgartner – Johannesburg ; 23 October 2017

    Course times: 8:30am – 5pm


    More Info

    ARTZT vitality Flossing flossing-1


    • Developed by physiotherapist and crossfitness-trainer Dr. Kelly Starrett,


    • Constistent further development of the method by Sascha Seifert and Dominik Suslik in co-operation with famous lecturers from competitive sport and therapy and Ludwig Artzt ltd.
    • Systematic application of the flossing band according to therapeutic principles from physiotherapy and osteopathy in connection with functional and Athletic training
    • Compression based techniques with an elastic latex band, the so-called flossing band


    Training content

    The training method is based on compression- based techniques with the flossing band, which is wrapped around joints and tissue.


    The Vitality Flossing concept works with muscle-dynamic exercises such as swinging and fascia training particularly in the area of joint mechanics and tissue sliding capacity. In this seminar we show you how to recognize restraints of mobility and to work with the Flossing technique.The motto is:” Optimization through compression!”



    Artzt Vitality Flossing

    Vitality stands for agility and dynamic training. Flossing is the use of elastic bands, which are wrapped circularly around joints and tissues. The American Physical Therapy and Cross-fitness trainer Dr. Kelly Starrett originally developed Flossing. Sascha Seifert (German Physical Therapist, Osteopath and natural health professional) and Dominik Suslik (German Sport Scientist and Athletic Trainer) have been consistently enhanced this method in collaboration with renowned speakers from competitive sports and therapy and the Ludwig Artzt GmbH.

    The training method is based on compression-based techniques with an elastic latex band, the Flossband. This will find systematic application to therapeutic principles of the osteopathy and physiotherapy, in conjunction with the Functional and the Athletic Training.

    The Vitality Flossing concept is based not only on muscular dynamics such as oscillation, swing and fascia training, but especially on joint mechanics and tissue sliding. The daily seminar includes the following:


    Block I  Introduction to Vitality Flossing                                                                         

    Block II Flossing-Techniques: Lower Extremity 

    Joints (ankel, knee, hip) and tissue (calf, thigh)

    Block III Flossing-Techniques: Upper Extremity

    Joints (hand, elbow, shoulder) und tissue (forearm, upper arm)/ special: thorax

    Block IV Cross Mobility – Active and passive mobility techniques with and without tools.

    Swing, traction, gapping, compression, neuro-drills


    The Flossing bandflossing-6

    Available in three lengths and colors:

    2.0 m x 5.5 cm green

    2.5 m x 5.5 cm blue

    5.0 m x 5.5 cm black



    A Club Physio Courses registration includes:
    • Most supplies needed for the course as suggested by the instructor; you may be requested to bring along some equipment needed for the course and in your clinic thereafter.
    • An electronic course manual (you can choose to print it out or save and bring it along on your laptop / tablet; please bring extra writing paper should you wish to make extra notes;
    • Tea / coffee / snacks on each day;
    • A signed certificate of attendance.


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    Course Times

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    • 8:30am – 5:00pm



    “Fast reduction of muscular problems, also in the long term.“
    Jan Grieshammer, Sport scientist and Athletik trainer, FIT TEAM Chemnitz

    “Immediately after rough games we use the Flossing band in order to wrap injured body parts, which brings instant relief and a more comfortable body feeling .”
    Kai Häfner & Erik Schmidt, handball European Champion 2016

    “I don´t wanna miss Flossing in daily use, be it to compensate mobility restraints, after acute injuries or as a regenerative measure.”
    Philipp Konnerth, sport scientist & Athletik trainer, Olympia Centre Vorarlberg

    “In my practice I use the Flossing band every day in my care for patients and sportsmen, as well after injuries as for faster regeneration.”
    Beatrix Baumgartner, MSPhT, Fascia Center Vienna



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