DRY NEEDLING COURSE LEVEL 1&2, Dublin – postponed to 2021 – new dates tbc

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Date of Course:
24 Apr 2021 - 28 Apr 2021

Club Physio is the leading dry needling teaching company in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the Middle East - Certify as a dry needling practitioner by completing DN1&2 and passing the DNP exam.
  • Lecturer: Craig Smith
  • Price: £800 / 900 euros standard fees for DN1&2 combined - book and pay within 24 hours and get 10% off your DN1&2 combined course fee; booking for Dn1 or Dn2 only; 400 pounds / 450 euros per course.
  • CPD Points: 42 cpd hours - probably the most in depth dry needling course you will find
  • DRY NEEDLING COURSE LEVEL 1&2, Dublin - postponed to 2021 - new dates tbc


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    DRY NEEDLING COURSE; LEVEL 1&2; Dublin, Ireland; 24-28 Nov 2020

    Course times : DN1 Day 1; reg 8.30am and 9am – 6pm; day 2; 9am – 6pm; day 3; 9am – 12noon; DN2 day 3; 1pm – 7pm; day 4; 9am – 6pm and day 5 is 8am – 3pm


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    Why Dry Needling?

    Dry Needling is a very successful medical treatment which uses very thin needles without any medication (a dry needle) to achieve its aim. Dry Needling is used to treat pain and dysfunction caused by muscle problems, sinus trouble, headaches, and some nerve problems. It is not at all the same as acupuncture. Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, whereas dry needling is a western medicine technique, which needs to have a medical diagnosis. There is a clear scientific understanding of dry needling, and it carries not spiritual “baggage” as acupuncture may do.


    This introductory course is for all clinicians who want to introduce dry needling into their repertoire of skills for treating myofascial pain and MSK conditions.

    This course will give clinicians a new prospective of directly managing and treating many MSK conditions with safe and effective needling of their patients.

    Trigger point dry needling theory, anatomy and practicals for the following muscles will be covered.

    • Glutes and lumbar spine;
    • Cervical spine, Sternocleidomastoid and scap thoracic muscles.
    • Rotator cuff, Pectorals, Arm and Forearm.
    • Thigh and Lower limb muscles

    Learning Objectives for DN1

    Upon completion, participants should be able to;

    • Identify the Myofascial Trigger Points of the muscles covered.
    • perform safe and effective dry needling techniques;
    • Know the pre-cautions, indications & contra-indications to dry needling.
    • Understand patient consent,  needle stick injury and DN protocols,


    The Advanced DN2 course is for clinicians who aim to advance their skills in ‘Trigger Point Dry Needling’ of the difficult muscles and clinical conditions. This will give attendees a brand new prospective of managing many conditions with dry needling and open up new scope of practice and more effective patient management. Emphasis will be given on integrating new skills, advanced needling techniques and needling non-muscular conditions. Real life case patients are included to enhance the clinical reasoning skills.


    Trigger point dry needling of muscles of following area will be covered.

    • TMJ and facial muscles.
    • Deep pecs, scalenes, serratus anterior and posterior
    • Hands, feet and abdominals.
    • Deep hip external rotators, hip flexors and the deep calf compartment.

    Learning Objectives for DN2

    Upon completion of DN2, participants should be able to;

    • Review and improve needling skills for the muscles covered in Dry needling level 1.
    • Understand the role of the TMJ muscle trigger points in orofacial pain, headaches and TMJ dysfunction.
    • Safely learn to needle the deep neck and chest – the scalenes, pec minor, serratus and other muscles in chronic neck pain, thoracic conditions and how to safely deactivate these trigger points.
    • Learn advanced safety mechanisms to avoid a pneumothorax, visceral puncture and safe nerve / neural needling.
    • Needle the muscles of the abdomen, hands and the feet.
    • Needle the deep external rotators of the hip, the hip flexors and the deep calf muscles.
    • Needle for conditions like Tennis Elbow, plantar fasciitis, hamstring apophysitis, achilles and patella tendinopathies, tenosynovitis, trigger finger, neuropathies, chronic ligament injury, headaches and migraines and more.
    • Pass the free on-course practical exam and gain entry to the online DNP theory exam

    Dry Needling becomes more and more popular all over the world. Don´t get left behind and learn this progressive technique!
    For more information about Dry Needling, click here.

    A Club Physio Dry Needling Courses registration includes:

    • All supplies needed for the course as needles, tissues
    • Coloured and illustrated course manual
    • Tea, Coffee and Lunch on each day
    • Certificate of attendance in a digital form
    • One free premium listing of your practice on our website


    How to book for this course?

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    Course Times

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    • Course times : DN1 Day 1; reg 8.30am and 9am – 6pm; day 2; 9am – 6pm; day 3; 9am – 12noon; DN2 day 3; 1pm – 7pm; day 4; 9am – 6pm and day 5 is 8am – 11am




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    Standard Ticket DN level 1&2 Course Dublin June 2020 £850.00

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