LOWER LIMB SPORTS INJURIES WORKSHOP – Biomechanical Analysis and Treatment Strategies – via zoom meeting

LOWER LIMB SPORTS INJURIES WORKSHOP - Biomechanical Analysis and Treatment Strategies - via zoom meeting
28 Apr 2020 - 05 May 2020    
8:00 am - 11:00 am
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Mark Silvester (NZ)
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Now you can learn all about the biomechanics, dysfunction, dynamic control, weight bearing and kinetic loading, diagnosis, treatment and rehabiltition of lower limb injuries from an expert and experienced sports physio.
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3 Continuing Education Units / hours per module

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LOWER LIMB SPORTS INJURIES WORKSHOP – Biomechanical Analysis and Treatment Strategies – via zoom meeting; 28, 29 April, 1 & 5 May 2020.

Course times; 8am-11am South Africa times – please check your local times in your region.

with Mark Silvester (NZ)

Mark Silvester MNZSP ADP Dip MT
Area of Expertise; Lower Limb, Lumbo-pelvic, foot and ankle
Courses; Solving Lower Limb Injuries
Mark is from New Zealand and has taught over 100 courses in 10 countries on a functional/behavioural approach to musculo-skeletal pathology. His sports experience includes the Americas Cup, Chelsea Football Club and the Waikato Chiefs Super Rugby tream. He also provides injury prevention advice to the Fire Service and other large organisations.

Past course testimonials

Thank you Craig and Mark for a fantastic course. Mark’s course was well presented, course content was informative, interesting and well explained. I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Mark. I would recommend the lower limb course to any clinical physiotherapist. I am looking forward to his lumbar course!! Kim

I can say it was one of the best courses I ever attended and thoroughly enjoyed. It was so informative that I am ready to buy the 2 missed recorded versions from the author if available. Respect and gratitude to Mark – Prasobh

I found the course great, the content was super and I have thoroughly enjoyed both this course and the lymph course and look forward to doing another one soon. Lisa

Really enjoyed course, Mark was excellent, and really good to be able to share in his experience and knowledge. I not only learned a lot but it also confirmed some of the methods that I already used, so was a confidence boost. I look forward to more courses from Mark both online and live, whenever that might be! Caroline

Wow! It was a wonderful experience for me, as I’m doing first time an online course. I have little hesitation but I trust Craig, went on. Surely it is a great course and a must for all physios. Mark was excellent with all his abundance of experience, almost like one on one live! No hassles of travelling, no booking headache, no express exit, sit, relax and learn. Bonus, you can review your whole session for few days! Thank you, Mark and Craig. I surely recommend this course – karthikeyan

Mark’s course was excellent and informative and totally user friendly – ready to go in clinic the next day – if it wasn’t for lock down -Julia

This course was really good in the current situation. Few practical sessions would have enhanced this more. But overall it was fantastic. Looking forward for Sports Module. Amit


Course material

LOWER LIMB SPORTS INJURIES WORKSHOP – Biomechanical Analysis and Treatment Strategies – via zoom meeting with Mark Silvester (NZ).

Module 1 – Foundations; tuesday 28th April

Gait – Description and analysis of normal biomechanics

Control of Gait – Pelvis hip knee foot and ankle

Description of ideal alignment and alignment assessment
– Sagittal plane dysfunction

Hip rotation faults. Structural versus functional
– Craigs ante-version test

Muscle testing

Hip impingement , groin pain.
– Biomechanical analysis, diagnosis and treatment strategy

At the conclusion of this module you will be able to…
– Describe normal gait and it’s control at the hip knee foot and ankle
– Describe and assess ideal alignment
– Be aware of the effect of sagittal plane issues
– Asses hip rotation faults and differentiate anatomical from functional issues
– Accurately test muscles that control hip alignment
– Diagnose hip impingement and develop a corrective program to permanently resolve these symptoms

Module 2 – Biomechanics, proximal control and hip and thigh injuries; wednesday 29th April

Hip impingement, groin pain
– Biomechanical analysis, diagnosis and treatment strategy continued

Hip lateral rotation strain, groin/buttock pain

Recurrent Hamstring strain

Discussion Femoro-acetabular Impingement (FAI) and Sports Hernia

Fascial Energy storage

ITB dysfunction

Tibial rotation tests


Structural varum

At the conclusion of this module you will be able to…

– Diagnose hip lateral rotation strain dysfunction and develop a corrective exercise program
– Understand the likely causes of recurrent hamstring strain and how to treat it.
– Understand the function of fascia
– Recognize and describe the three main types of iliotibial band dysfunction diagnose these and treat the symptoms and develop a corrective program.
– Understand the importance of rotational control at the knee, the role of popliteus, and how to activate it.
– Differentiate anatomical tibial varum from genu varum and lateral tibial rotation

Module 3 Biomechanics assessment and treatment knee and leg injuries; friday 1st May

Patello-femoral pain
Structural foot dysfunction
Shin splints – postero-medial and anterior

At the conclusion of this module you will be able to…
– Understand the pathomechanics and causes of patello-femoral pain syndrome. How to diagnose, manage and treat this condition.
– Differntiate anatomical from functional overpronated (flat feet) and supinated feet (arched) feet and to develop treatment programs within the context of a related pathology
– Understand the two main types of shin splits, the biomechanics of why they occur and how to assess treat them.
– Understand the causes and treatment of metatarsalgia and how to develop a successful treatment regime.

Module 4 Biomechanics assessment and treatment of foot injuries; tuesday 5th May


Plantar fasciopathy

Hallux valgus

Achilles tendinosis

At the conclusion of this module you will be able to…
– Explain the role of the plantar fascia and describe the causes of plantar fasciopathy and develop an effective treatment and corrective program to resolve the patents symptoms.
– Explain the causes of hallux valgus and an appropriate treatment and corrective program to correct the causes and resolve symptoms.
– Have a better understanding of the likely causes of Achilles tendon issues and be able to institute an effective treatment program.


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Course Times

Course times; 8am-11am South Africa times – please check your local times in your region.



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