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Date of Course:
24 Oct 2020 - 27 Oct 2020

  • Lecturer: Claire Minshull (UK)
  • Price: Extra 10% discount- eft within 24 hours of booking -165 BHD Early Bird Ticket / 200 BHD Standard Ticket
  • CPD Points: 14 CPD hours on certificate


    Important Information

    Neuromuscular Conditioning for Rehabilitation; Incorporating Scientific Principles to Enhance Outcomes – With Dr Claire Minshull; Bahrain

    24-27 October 2020

    Course times : 8.30 AM ; 4.30PM



    Course material


    Course Information:

    Day 1
    Components and determinants of neuromuscular activation
    Essential components of muscle function for dynamic joint stability (time frame for injury)
    Defining muscle performance: strength; endurance; power
    How to really rehabilitate strength
    Programme design and delivery
    Specificity; ensuring the desired stimulus-response
    Overload and progression

    Day 2 ***
    Programme design and delivery
    Programme design, assessment for progression
    Rehabilitation of specific components of muscle function (activation, strength, speed of force production)
    Circumventing pain and inhibition
    Establishing a hierarchy of importance for rehabilitation based on population, function and goals
    Capacity vs capability – how full is the tank (capacity) and can we access it all (capability)

    *** involves practical work in a gym setting

    Learning outcomes:
    • Expansion of knowledge on detailed aspects of neuromuscular function;
    • Key principles that drive adaptation and thus recovery (contractile and non-contractile tissue);
    • Develop immediately deployable skills and techniques to enhance clinical rehabilitation practice and the subtle, but important changes that can translate into big gains for patients;
    • Design of resistance-based rehabilitation interventions to promote progressive and long-term gains separately for indices of muscle activation, force production and strength;
    • Detailed appreciation of contemporary issues in scientific research and how to apply the concepts of cross-education and non-concurrent training to rehabilitation to enhance outcomes;
    • Practical programme design and evaluation and assessment.

    This course is perfect for you if you work with athletes / clients and incorporate athletic rehabilitation into your clinical work.

    Scope of practice; Physiotherapists, sports trainers and rehabilitators, personal trainers, osteopaths, chiropractors, sports therapists; upper and lower limb specialists.

    CV/Claire Minshull

    You will be awarded a Certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

    This is a very intense course using a high standards of practical skill; therefore you must be an experienced therapist to attend this course e.g. Osteopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist, or be a student of Osteopathy and / or Chiropractic with an excellent knowledge of Mobilisation / Manipulative techniques.

    Only very safe techniques will be taught.

    Balens and Co will provide the necessary insurance for this course but only for qualified Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. If you are a Sports Therapist or Sports Massage Therapist then you will need to contact your own insurance company prior to attending this course.

    A Club Physio Courses registration includes:
    • Most supplies needed for the course as suggested by the instructor; you may be requested to bring along some equipment needed for the course and in your clinic thereafter.
    • An electronic course manual (you can choose to print it out or save and bring it along on your laptop / tablet; please bring extra writing paper should you wish to make extra notes;
    • Tea / coffee / snacks on each day;
    • A signed certificate of attendance.


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    Course Times

    View the course times:

    • day 1&2: 8.30 AM ; 4.30 PM




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