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01 Mar 2019 - 03 Mar 2019

The Kore performance course is a ground-breaking treatment & assessment system specialising in finding and treating the underlying root cause to many conditions, creating an improvement even in the most chronic conditions.
  • Lecturer: John Brazier (UK)
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    Important Information

    THE KORE PERFORMANCE COURSE – Cape Town; 01-03 March 2019 – With John Brazier (UK)

    Course times : 8.30am – 5pm on day 1 & 2 8am-3pm on day 3

    By integrating diagnostic muscle and functional tests we can ask the body if it is working at its best i.e. full potential, (so far I have never met anyone who was at 100% of their ability, including champions!).

    Where there is deficiency in muscle power we use our understanding to locate the ‘root cause’ to this weakness, prove it, and release it with different techniques.
    By re-testing the original weakness we can demonstrate the power is back to 100%, and the client can feel it is (which is essential for the brain’s motivation and commitment to take it forward and use its new power effectively).

    So to describe KORE it is best to say it is a ‘Functional system of neurologic diagnostics and release techniques to initiate a full natural response to muscle weakness, injury and poor performance.’

    Click on the link to read the Kore performance Men’s Health article .


    Course material


    Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could quickly meet your client’s health issues & fitness needs, making them instantly stronger, increasing their immune response, creating a more focused mind and an unstoppable spirit?

    Welcome to KORE Therapy – uniquely integrating both Western & Eastern assessment and treatment skills utilising strength and orthopedic muscle testing to ascertain the root cause of many conditions, injuries, imbalance and poor performance.

    After 25 years of worldwide development KORE has proven itself outstandingly successful in many areas of illness and recovery, sporting performance and fitness, offering a clear alternative to physiotherapy and osteopathy.

    KORE has been used all over the world by individuals, European Golf Tours, police, government councils, royalty, Spas & health resorts, English Golf Union, Fiat, international and premiership football teams, and many more companies and sporting organisations.

    KORE’s success is based on the fact that it searches for, and treats the reason ‘Why’ you are suffering, where other modalities just look at ‘what’ you are suffering.

    KORE’S 3-day training course

    • Provides you with the skills to test foundational & functional muscle power and neurologic imbalances
    • Challenge the balance of internal organs
    • Assessment of individual muscle weakness’s & joint issues
    • Evaluation of poor ligament function spine & pelvis
    • Treatment techniques to release restrictions, raise QI and bring the power back into full flow to all the systems of the body

    Program management
    Dr. John Brazier (TCM) MSc. and his instructor team have delivered training and seminars around the world. His KORE Therapy was described as ‘the most successful therapy to be delivered at Chiva Som Health Resort, Thailand’. So successful in fact that all of their physiotherapists trained in KORE due to the success it had in treating difficult issues and its ability to generate new revenue streams.

    Dr. John Brazier has been a visiting consultant at Chiva Som for over 7 years, and also delivers day treatments across the UK, Kuwait, India, Singapore and Germany.

    The Kore performance course is a ground-breaking treatment & assessment system specialising in finding and treating the underlying root cause to many conditions, creating an improvement even in the most chronic conditions.

    It has had a dramatic impact in the fitness world, capable of accelerating sporting performance & recovery by instantly increasing muscle power in the world’s top athletes.

    KORE is unique in instigating a natural recovery response to many conditions, witnessed through its unique functional muscle testing diagnostic system before and after treatment.

    Having a treatment or training in KORE changes peoples’ lives. From ending infertility problems and pain, to transforming the fortunes of athletic champions, KORE has made a significant impact over the last 20 years.

    Don’t miss out on this incredibly opportuinty to  upscale your clincal practice.


    Did you know that pain in your neck, back or knee can be a direct result from an injury in a completely unrelated part of your body from many years ago?

    Fatigue, illness, insomnia and pain can all emerge from a historic issue that the body hasn’t manage to deal with apart from burying it for a long time.

    This is why we often say ‘I must be getting old!’ because we can’t reference it to anything obvious.

    KORE’s expertise is in finding & treating the root cause to your suffering and not just dealing just with your symptoms.

    It is in this capacity that KORE gains its high levels of success where many other therapies and interventions fail.

    KORE practitioners & specialists are trained in unique, detailed and highly accurate muscle testing diagnosis system. This simple procedure mixed with your medical history helps the practitioner read the body’s historical roadmap, identifying injury’s, imbalances & poor functioning of your system that will lead to different symptoms throughout your body.

    The aim of KORE’s muscle testing is to initiate an immune system response by getting the clients brain to recognise the primary root cause issues, thus setting the client up to start the healing process before the therapy even begins.

    Once the weakness or imbalance’s have been identified, the second layer of KORE’s strength is revealed. A range of clearly targeted interventions and skills taken from the most successful techniques used in both Eastern and Western medicine. Including mobilisation, acupuncture, strong energy releases, cupping therapy all the way to fascia release techniques.

    Each modality is selected individually or together for its ability to work with each persons unique combination of injury’s or imbalances for maximum effect.

    At the end of each therapy session the same muscle tests are used to prove to the client that the KORE intervention has immediately made them stronger and therefor the healing process has begun.

    This ability to trigger an improvement almost immediately – in pain levels, in sporting performance or in overall health is what sets KORE apart from the rest.

    Advice is then given so the client can take control of their issues and make changes that will support all treatment interventions and accelerate their recovery time.


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    KORE PERFORMANCE – 100% Power & Focus

    All athletes know they need to be at their very best to be a winner, this means being 100% focused, strong and quick. The competitive pressure on us is immense which often means a 1% drop in your form could mean the difference between winning and losing.

    In golf dropping just one shot is often the difference between the rich & famous, and the others. In racing driving it can be even closer where fractions of seconds are important, any loss of your power and focus could mean the difference between the G-force controlling you and holding you momentary back in your seat while cornering, instead of you pushing into it changing gear, turning and accelerating through the corner.

    The challenge is how do we know if we are 100% of what we really could be, and what can you do about it if you are not?

    KORE Therapy has been designed to test and treat your body’s ability to stay in full power under different life & sport stresses. It has already been used and proven in Premiership & international football, professional golf, cricket and athletics. Its unique treatment skills are built from a mixture of Eastern & Western medical skills and continuously amaze clients with their instant power increases and the psychological enhancement that goes hand in hand with feeling more flexible and stronger.

    Sheru Aangrish (‘Mr Great Britain’ Champion body builder)
    ‘Amazing power up! KORE increased my power instantly by 20%.’

    As our muscles are what we use for success in most sports, they can also be used to show us when we have a loss of form, as it can be clearly seen through muscle weakness. KORE Therapy uses various muscles tests to help diagnose the underlying causes that are leading to your poor performance. For example a weak quadriceps or latissimus muscle could show a slight misalignment in the spine leading to a poor golf swing, or under G-force pressure the problem would become worse leading to greater loss of power and control when driving.

    KORE uses both foundational & functional muscle tests to find your personal imbalance that is causing your poor form. Foundational tests are standard movement mechanics that your body needs to stand, walk and generally get about in a healthy manner. Functional tests are specific to the demands of each sport, this means putting the body into positions used in their sport and testing muscle strength to see if there is any degrading of power. This could be in the middle of a golf swing, or seated with the right foot pressing down and the arms rotating to the left, as if in a sharp left hand turn.

    If your power is less than 100% of what it should be, you must have a restriction in part of your body that needs treating to ensure your are at you best the next time your are competing. Research allows us to use these weakness’s to discover the root cause which could be an unstable pelvis, or a restricted spine, even a digestive imbalance leading to poor blood flow into the back & legs.

    Ben Giles (PGA golf professional)
    “Throughout testing and treatment at KORE with Dr John, i felt i was learning more about how my body functions than ever before. Diagnosis was explained simply and in a golf specific manner (i.e. my body was working at around 75% or less of its capacity, with limited range of motion and injury resulted tight musculature) and i cannot begin to describe how successful treatment was to increase my range of movement in previously ‘injury damaged’ areas and the general increase in well-being i experienced. It was simply incredible.
    When playing golf afterwards I felt more dynamic and powerful than i ever have before when standing over a golf ball. As a result I’m really looking forward to getting my body to perform at 100% of its capacity and reaching my potential in the future with the help of Dr John!”

    You may be with the best coach in the world but your restriction limits their ability to get the very best out of you, even a 1% dip can mean failure to reach and hold a winning level.

    Paul Eales European tour winner said:
    ‘John’s approach is unique within the golfing world, he quickly finds the weakness’s that effect your swing, and performance, then discovers and treats the root cause to those issues, to the point were you are amazed at your own renewed power, changing you from stiff awkward movements to powerful confident motion.’

    What you suffer comes from a combination of your life history including the falls, bumps & injuries as a child & adult, illness, digestive style, your psychological & emotional make up, and many other issues that add up to your total balance as you address the ball or sit in your car ready to race. We can’t change your history, but we can change how it affects you now by bringing you up to your maximum capacity.

    Treatment is a unique combination of integrated medicine techniques, stimulating nerve & blood flow, correcting spinal imbalance, tightening pelvic ligaments and balancing muscles & joints.

    KORE has been used by corporate organisations including Fiat cars, the police and the UK camber of commerce for educational health & wellbeing seminars, treatment of the long term sick and performance & productivity enhancement. One football club used KORE’s instant performance enhancement on all its players before their final match of the season to ensure they had the best chance of winning and achieving promotion, and they did!

    Dr. John Brazier (TCM) the founder of KORE has over 25 years of experience and training in Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok, USA & UK, a champion martial artist in the 80’s and an 8th Dan black belt, he knows what it takes to win.


    PAUL SIMPSON, England world cup winning football manager
    It quickly became very obvious that KORE had skills I had not experienced before; it had a dramatic effect on lengthening my playing career along with reducing the stresses and strains of being a manager. We used it’s performance enhancement, the team were amazed how he found individual weaknesses and corrected them, as they could feel instantly stronger, they believed they were stronger and took that onto the pitch.

    LOUISA FLETCHER Golf professional
    ‘I had decided to quit golf due to my long standing back issues that just got too bad to play. I felt like I had tried every therapy & therapist to no avail when John came highly recommended, amazingly I felt better & stronger after the 1st treatment, after the 3rd I was playing well again! Once my body was sorted he focused my mind and I won the next 2 competitions to get me on the ladies European tour. What an unbelievable turnaround from the point of giving up!’

    ‘KORE fills a vital roll in our injury assessment and recovery practices, ensuring we have an excellent standard of quality here at the club. Although KORE utilises extensive skills from China and the Orient he explains his assessment and treatment clearly in Western understanding It views the injury from a holistic stand point, often finding and proving outside influences that weakened the body leading to the injury.

    We have used John’s skills on many occasions especially for players who aren’t recovering as expected or who suffer from repeated injuries which often seem unrelated. I can highly recommend John to any professional physio and any professional club.’  – Simon Williamson – PGA (Lytham St Annes, UK)

    ‘Fantastic! I highly recommend this to all my students and players. It fixed all of my aches and pains very quickly to the point of unbelievable rotation and flexibility which I thought I had lost many years ago’  – Trish Johnson – 25 times European & USA golf champion

    ‘Absolutely amazing treatment which saved my career! The best sports diagnosis and treatment I have ever come across. Severe elbow pain which 10 cortisone injections didn’t fix, it took KORE just 2 treatments to get me playing again! – Daniel Webster PGA (head professional old links golf course Lytham St Annes)

    ‘I have been so impressed by this system that I now include it in our lesson packages. I want to get the best for my students and that means ensuring they have the flexibility and smoothness in their movement. KORE gives them that freedom so I can take them to the next level in their golf.’  – Wesley Newton professional darts

    ‘KORE has focused my mind and body on achieving the world Championship, I now can’t wait for the competitions to go for it. Before I would think of reasons why I couldn’t, now I only have reasons why I CAN!’ An example of our performance enhancement and accelerated injury recovery success is captured in the short list below:  – Stephen Porter – Javelin

    An example of our performance enhancement and accelerated injury recovery success is captured in the short list below:

    Stephen Porter – Javelin

    Lower back and knee injury treated leading to:-

    Personal best (PB) by more than half a meter to win the Northern Lancashire Schools’ Champion – Lancashire County Champion

    Heel, Calf and Neck injury treated leading to:-

    New PB 4.53m improvement!

    Miles Manley – Hurdler

    Miles Manley – Hurdler
    Hip and lower leg problem injury treated leading to:-
    New PB & 
Silver medal indoor 60m hurdles National Championships
    100m Hurdles Northern Champion under 17 
100m Hurdles bronze medal in National Championships
    100m Hurdles bronze UK Schools’ Games

    Anne-Marie Pennington – Javelin
    Shin-splints – told she needed an operation or 18 months rest. Three treatments lead to:-
    New PB by 2.77m – no need for any operation!
    Silver medalist as a first year senior Northern Senior Championships.

    Michael Porter – Shot/Javelin
    Back and shoulder injury treated leading to:-
    New PB 58cm Shot
Silver medalist Indoor Shot Northern Championships under 17.
    Lancashire County Shot & Javelin Champion

    Kayleigh Huggins – Javelin
    Shoulder/ankle/back injury treated leading to:-
    New PB by 1.26m
 Lancashire County Champion Lancashire Schools Champion

    George Sharp – Pole Vaulter
    Unable to vault, treated leading to:-
    PB next competition 4.01m and indoor under 21 national champion

    Adam Lesbirel – Javelin
    Back and shoulder injury treated leading to:-
    PB on the Sunday following

    Sam Johnson – Discus/Hammer
    Upper back and neck injury treated leading to:-
PB in next competition in Hammer and Discus


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    Times; 8.30am – 5pm on day 1 & 2. 8am – 3pm on days 3




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