07 Jun 2020    
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
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Corina Avni
Short Description
If you want anyone to teach you about PELVIC ORGAN PROLAPSE look no further than Corina Avni - a specialist Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Physio treating Women’s Health patients and lecturing nationally in South Arica and internationally.
CPD Points
3 Continuing Education Units / hours per module

Important Information

THE PROBLEM WITH PELVIC ORGAN PROLAPSE – A CORINA AVNI MASTERCLASS – via zoom meeting – a live stream stream course

with Corina Avni

Live stream time; Sunday 7th June from 10am – 1pm ; SA time – please check your own local time.

Corina Avni Past Pax Feedback;

I thoroughly enjoyed Corina’s Womens Health Concepts course! It’s a great starting point for anyone wanting to start working in WH. Corina is an animated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter. Her deep understanding and passion for women’s health is obvious. She has a knack for making complicated concepts understandable. Thanks to her and Club Physio for keeping us learning during lockdown! I’m excited to learn more and am looking forward to doing some face to face women’s health courses post-covid19 – Claire

This is the 2nd of Corina’s masterclasses I’ve done and I enjoyed it so much. She pushes you to thinking more laterally and wants you to be better in your field. She works really hard to give you up to date research and makes you laugh along the way. Highly beneficial and inspiring – Fiona

The Club-Physio Course by Corina Avni on Concepts in Pelvic Function and Women’s Health was absolutely incredible. Corina has such a beautiful way of simplifying and explaining concepts ensuring you will never forget what you have learnt. The course covered many various aspects of pelvic function and really broadened my knowledge. Thank you for producing such an amazing course and presenting it with such passion – Kara

It was great to have the opportunity to meet Corina in this online women’s health course. With a lot of irreverence she’s able to simplify and transmit her excellent knowledge in this field of physio, making you more and more interested in the topic! – Priscilla

To be honest this was my first online course . I am looking forward to taking more online women’s health courses. The experience of this class has been nothing but positive 😊 The course was everything you said it would be Corina – it was really fortunate for me to meet you through this course. Thanks Club physio. Shagufta


Course material

THE PROBLEM WITH PELVIC ORGAN PROLAPSE – A CORINA AVNI MASTERCLASS – via zoom meeting – a live stream stream course

with Corina Avni

Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is here to stay; we look at the bigger picture to understand why. A historical peak at POP allows us to assess how the health profession has both helped and hindered management over the ages.

We cover aetiology and basic anatomy of POP and review current best practices for the assessment of POP, including the POPQ measurement tool. (Disclaimer: we do not cover the process of assessing for pessary fitment.)

Different population presentations, from young to old and fit to inactive, are used as a framework for POP management and problem solving. We highlight why COVID may result in an increase in symptomatic POP, and conclude with new and inventive options for management.

• to appreciate the ‘inevitable’ nature of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) in a parous adult female population
• to appreciate the three dimensional pelvic support structure of the nulliparous adult female
• to list 5 causes of POP
• to describe POP in terms of POPQ
• to list 5 managements strategies for 2 different types of POP
• to identify post COVID rehab patients who may benefit from POP management*
Take home messages
1. pelvic organ prolapse (POP) in almost inevitable in the parous adult female population
2. three dimensional pelvic support structure is sufficient, until it isn’t….
3. many factors cause and contribute to POP
4. accurate assessment leads to focused management
5. many interventions for the management of POP; not all work for everyone
6. identify post COVID rehab patients who will benefit from POP management

10h00 Welcome and introduction
10h05 The bigger picture
10h20 Aetiology
10h30 Anatomy
11h00 Assessment POPQ
11h30 Tea
11h40 Presentations
11h00 Management
12h30 COVID considerations
12h45 New and inventive options
12h55 Questions
13h00 Finish

Target Audience
Physiotherapists especially MSK physios; WH physios or general ‘i just wanna learn physios;’
Biokineticists / Athletic trainers / Sports and Rehab therapists / Osteos / Chiros / Physical Medicine doctors and other health and fitness professionals


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Course Times

Live stream time; Sunday 7th June from 10am – 1pm ; SA time – please check your own local time.



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