Child Development Module 2 Video with Tracy Prowse



Module 2 – Developing Fit & Sporty Kids – keeping children injury free and motivated to stay physically active.

This module describes the importance of ensuring that children are physically active from a holistic health perspective, and gives an overview of both extrinsic & intrinsic factors that determine whether a child becomes and/or remains physically active. The worldwide trend of a growing number of children dropping out of sport at an earlier age, getting burnout as young as 13 and developing overuse sporting injuries pre adolescence are discussed. Many of the reasons for these children not “staying in the game” are completely avoidable through education of the relevant adults in the child’s life. Participants will be taught how to prevent children from developing injuries and they will receive up-to-date-relevant and evidence based ideas for exercises and interventions to use with children under the age of 14, in order to prevent injury in a safe sporting environment. The identification, assessment and management of specific overuse injuries and growth plate injuries will be discussed, as well as the importance of scheduling and guidelines in various individual sports.

Passed Pax Feedback – Tracy hopes to provide her participants with the understanding and practical take-home tools of how to capitalize on a child’s nervous system’s complexities to make significant and long-lasting changes to their patient’s health & wellness.The course is worth every cent. It includes many ‘lightbulb’ and ‘aha’ moments. Not only is it very enlightening, but I received loads of resources from Tracy Prowse which I have to keep and refer back to whenever the need arises. It was thoroughly enjoyable – Bailey, Physiotherapist: