TMJ and sinus pain online course Module 1 Video with Dr Raymond Perrin – 3 CPD POINTS



This online course is aimed at developing a high level of integration of knowledge. Students will learn and refine manual therapy approaches in an online streaming environment to treating sinus headache, migraine and TMJ pain, taking into account all aspects of professional practice. Much of the learning would be through tutor-led demonstration work for integration of learning and refinement of effective communication skills and developing the qualities of critical reflection and synthesis to a high level and consolidating their understanding and practice of osteopathy. Students will review the biomechanics of the head within this programme, in a fully integrated format, both in function and dysfunction, in order to consolidate understanding of the complex and inter-related nature of the structure and function of the human body. This programme will also provide an opportunity to look at the ranges of osteopathic management, including technique, lifestyle advice and referral mechanisms and how and when these may need to be altered.

Learning Outcomes: at the end of this TMJ & Sinus pain course students will :
1) be introduced to a variety of manual therapy techniques and be able to design adaptations that are appropriate to the patient’s needs and justified by knowledge of the relevant principles.
2) Demonstrate a fully integrated knowledge of human facial biomechanics and how dysfunction in one area may lead to altered function elsewhere in the body.
3) Integrate current models of healthcare in order to reach a diagnosis and an effective management programme for this patient.
4) Reflect on the relevance and nature of manual therapy intervention possibilities within a wide variety of clinical presentations in relation to sinus headache, migraine and the TMJ.
5) Evaluate the patient – practitioner relationship, and the importance of the responsibilities implicit in the relationship

Teaching, Learning Methods & Delivery
Online streaming sessions, lectures, powerpoint

Module 1:

* Power point Introduction to types of headache Safety precautions, red flag conditions – differential diagnosis.
* Introduction to techniques for Sinus headache, frontal lift, sinus drainage, harmonics Table Training/Practical demonstration.
* Summary/ questions