Common Bladder Issues

Common Bladder Issues and what to do about them Modules 1 and 2 – with Corina Avni


Module 1 Outline:
• to review anatomy and physiology of the urinary tract and associated structures including pelvic floor muscles and connective tissue
• become best buddies with your bladder
• to appreciate the cascade of events involved in normal bladder filling/ emptying
• appreciate the impact of Life Events on normal function
• to differentiate between symptoms and systems
• to list at least 5 types of urinary incontinence
• to list at least 5 different voiding dysfunctions
• to apply simple strategies of advice and education in the management of common bladder problems

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Module 2 Outline:
1. Make friends with your own bladder and PFMs
2. Be aware of function under normal circumstances and under abnormal circumstances
3. Don’t treat the symptom, manage the system
4. Correct management lies in accurate diagnosis based on comprehensive questioning
5. Change someone’s relationship with the toilet, change their life!……More