Neuro-Fascial Mobilisation Course

Neuro-Fascial Mobilisation Course - Modules 1&2 with Steven Goldstein


NFM Upper Extremities: Brachial Plexus & Median Nerve
In this module we will introduce the participant to the fundamental concepts of neurofascial mobilisation as drawn from physiotherapy (Shacklock-Butler), osteopathy (Barral), and Fascial Therapy (Goldstein).

The learning outcomes for this part 1 of module 6 include;
Neural anatomy of the brachial plexus and median, radial and ulnar nerve, peripheral nerve palpation. Neurodynamic upper limb tests for each bias (pathway). Anatomy specific to syndromes associated with each neural pathway, such as carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, posterior interosseus nerve, and radial tunnel syndromes…….. More


NFM for the Spine, Lower Quadrant and Lower Extremity

Continuing with Shacklock’s landmark work, we view levels of neurodynamic assessment, the base tests for neurodynamic assessment; the ‘slump’ and sciatic straight-leg raise. Special tests, anatomy of lumbar and scaral plexus are introduced.

Differentiation of neural tension from soft-tissue tension especially myofascial are discussed.

Techniques are drawn from osteopathy (J.P. Barrel) and Fascial Therapy (Goldstein)

Pathways assessed and technique applied to include:
Spine, sciatic nerve, tibial nerve, peroneal nerve, medial and lateral plantar nerves, lumbar plexus, inguinal canal, femoral nerve, lateral cutaneous nerve and obturator nerve…….More