BE ACTIVATED – Johannesburg, Rivonia

BE ACTIVATED - Johannesburg, Rivonia
17 Mar 2018 - 18 Mar 2018    
7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Douglas Heel & Carel Wildenboer
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Make sure you are part of this revolutionary movement!
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16 CPD Point + 3 CPD applied for as Pre-reading, accredited by SASP
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Could we have it all wrong?

BE ACTIVATED is the internationally acclaimed course developed to challenge and answer this question.



BE ACTIVATED is a revolutionary and immediately measurable method of treating pain, improving performance & restoring resilience. BE ACTIVATED has been developed and refined by the remarkable work of Douglas Heel

For over  fifteen years, Douglas has presented this international, acclaimed course to health care professionals in several different countries. United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Canada and the United States are just some of the countries where BE ACTIVATED has been tried and tested, with outstanding results

Now, after a few years of absence, BE ACTIVATED courses will again be presented in South Africa. So now you can be a part of the technique revival.

We believe this will completely change the way forward for therapists. BE ACTIVATED courses are fast-moving, hands-on and thought-provoking. Many of the ideas we have been taught and teach to our clients are the opposite of what the body needs to function fully. You’ll get to experience every concept and activation technique yourself. You’ll probably have to re-evaluate much of your current thinking.

Make sure you are part of this revolutionary movement!



We will introduce you to the concepts of BE ACTIVATED. You’ll consider the body’s response to stress, the positions we adopt and how we get stuck in these positions of strain.

BE ACTIVATED will broaden your knowledge, providing you with a new and powerful understanding of the body and its incredible ability to shift immediately when the right techniques and concepts are applied.

We will be exploring the fascinating world of FASCIA and muscle slings. Covering topics like muscle sequencing, length-tension relationships, neural drive, defensive movement patterns and many more!

This is predominantly a hands-on, practical course. You will be taught to unlock these defensive body positions and movement patterns. This is done through a sequenced treatment process from the trunk through to the lower and then the upper limbs.

There is plenty of time for practice, questions… and more practice.

You will leave the course feeling fully equipped to apply the techniques with your clients immediately, confident in achieving lasting results. These techniques offer an incredibly powerful toolkit that is not confined to the clinic; they can be applied anywhere at any time.

And once you have gained some experience, there is always Level 2.


A cutting-edge system of healing the body that will change the way you work

The BE ACTVATED system offers a powerful new perspective on why the body becomes dysfunctional.

The courses show you how simple changes to incorrectly functioning muscles allows the body to make immediate shifts towards resilience. The results are incredible.

An activated body will change from a state of tension and pain, to a strong relaxed state of excellent performance. When we do the right thing, the body responds immediately.

BE ACTVATED is used globally by elite sports teams, celebrities, the fitness industry and remedial practitioners alike. As well as treating injuries and enhancing sporting performance.

It’s a powerful tool for stress management, postural correction and breaks common patterns of chronic pain.

These techniques can be used on young and old, elite sportsman, social sportsman or chronic pain patients. We also have the opportunity to prevent future injuries and strain.

You will learn invaluable tools to change the life of your patient’s in the long term. Often helping them to overcome their problems permanently.



Below are comments from our previous course in Durban Oct 2017


“Amazing, life changing course which changed the way I look at myself and at patients.     So beneficial and can’t wait to use these techniques with patients and see the results”  Jessica Wallace

“Absolutely amazing course!! Waiting for level 2.” Rannoa Ntseke

“I am so glad I did the course. I had no idea what to expect but my mind-set and approach to the body has completely changed. I feel excited to be far more effective in my treatments with patients.     On a personal level I feel so much more in touch with my own body and mind thank you.” Samantha Kirby

“Loved it!! Opened my views and the way I want to practice.”  Tracey White

“Good results in a very short space of time” Bharna Feuram

“Great course, learnt a lot. Looking forward to practicing and using it in the future.” Dayne Goetsch

“An absolutely amazing course that taught both personal and professional growth in myself. I would highly recommend to anyone.” Nathan Graham

“…. life changing course, very inspiring…probably the most fun course I’ve been on!”  Shaista Moideen

“The course was very informative. Most impressive point is that effects are immediate on retesting” Tharushni Reddy

”The course was very mind opening and helped me gain a new perspective of the human body.” Chante Sander

“Great !” Amanda v Tonder

“Amazing, don’t know how I am ever going to continue living my life now.” Claire Malone

“Very insightful course that will change my point of view forever.” Poppie Human

“Very good practical course.” Demi Keth

“The course does not just teach you new skills, it changes you, the way you think, see and listen.” Tarryn Filday

“Awesome course, really opened my eyes to a whole new approach to treating my patients.” Shalendra

“Changes in patients’ presentations is instant.” Sahadew

“Excellent course and presenters.”  Jacoba Breytenbach  





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