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Date of Course:
14 May 2020 - 25 May 2020

Finally a course that taps into the neural/fascial/lymph superhighway. Uncover how to achieve RAPID, measurable results in just ONE treatment. Increase your knowledge of how to make REAL changes for your clients with EASY to learn, hands on practical skills. Take the course with Paula in the privacy of your own home with a self-paced ONLINE course. Become BETTER than all the rest.
  • Lecturer: Paula Nutting
  • Price: Standard Fee: 159 GBP / 195 USD / R3250 / 6000 INR - please note that the fees you pay are dependent on where you live and work and earn an income. Indian and South African fees only apply to those living and working in India and South Africa
  • CPD Points: 3 Continuing Education Units / hours per module


    Important Information


    with Paula Nutting

    Live stream times; 8am – 11am South African times for all 5 modules; dates are 14th, 19th, 21st, 23rd and 25th May 2020 – please check your own local times.

    Participant feedback;

    3 months ago i tore my ACL and meniscus playing netball. i had knee re-construction surgery and saw a physio weekly since the injury. I decided to see Paula Chapman as i was so uncomfortable all over my body from over-compensating in all other areas. I was in so much pain all of the time. Paula taught me about Chapmans reflexes – areas i can rub that allow the muscles in my legs to release immediately so that i can walk more freely. She also gave me exercises to do to strengthen the weakened quads and hamstring muscles. My physio was shocked in the improvement in muscle strength and bend in my knee in just after 3 sessions with Paula; i cannot recommend her highly enough – She is amazing – Kim

    Course Preparations

    Paula ask that each pax should try to have their massage table and a family member / friend to work on during the practical sessions. Pre-course reading up material – Anatomy Trains and any other Fascia books.


    Course material



    • Learning how to assess and treat the body using the neurolymphatic systems as a quick, easy and reliable guide.
    • Understanding stress, why it effects the posture and position of your anatomy and WHY you ABSOLUTELY have to address stress if you want long term results for your clients.
    • The introduction of Chapmans Reflexes and why this is the MOST efficient modality to work in with your current clinical practice.
    • Assess for weakness and instability of the diaphragm, the hip/pelvis, the Myofascial lines of Tom Myers, upper body/shoulders, anterior trunk and lower body.
    • Facilitation of the weaknesses using Chapmans Reflexes (neurolymphatic point work).
    • Progressive overloading of weak lines or muscles as a means of home care.
    • All done via live streaming and mostly beneficial if you have a friend to work on.


    Have you been looking for ONE type of treatment that provides Measurable ACHIEVABLE & rapid results EVERY time?
    A new way to directly target the PRIMARY source of the problem by assessing your clients nervous system!
    A technique that can be used SAFELY to all age groups and conditions without fear of post treatment soreness.
    One modality that offers home care that patients and clients ACTUALLY do.

    Module 1 – 14th May 2020

    Stress kills, how we can test for it, stop it in its tracks and where Chapmans Reflexes comes in.
    Why our bodies lose ‘normal’ alignment and the need for postural stability.
    The relaxation response. The diaphragm. The psoas…
    Waking up the diaphragm and hip flexors and the BEST progressive exercise approaches.

    Module 2 – 19th May 2020

    The balancing acts between agonists and antagonists. Correlation between the hip flexors and extensors. Facilitating the gluteus maximus with and without stress. Waking up the hamstrings when they are the problem. The lateral sling or fascial lateral line and balance in gait. Progressive exercises for these 3 regions.

    Module 3 – 21st May 2020

    The Functional back line and why your piriformis in NOT the problem. The fascial front lines and the value of good abdominals. Nasty trigger points in the rotator cuff unstuck using the clavicle. Your deep neck flexors and dowagers humps! Chapmans facilitations and progressive exercises.

    Module 4 – 23rd May 2020

    Jaw, pelvic floor and breathing. Thoracic defensive positions create shoulder pathologies! The Spiral line of Myers and weak rhomboids. Chapmans Reflexes and progressive exercising that clients ACTUALLY DO!

    Module 5 – 25th May 2020

    The lower limb, chronic conditions and recapping the routine. Q & A time and loads of prac….


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    Course Times

    Live stream time; 8am – 11am South African times for all 5 modules; – please check your own local times




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