CHAPMANS REFLEXES COURSE – Cape Town – postponed to 2021 – new dates tbc

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Date of Course:
28 May 2021 - 30 May 2021

Helping you discover the secrets to musculoskeletal therapeutic success via hands-on experience.
  • Lecturer: Paula Nutting
  • Price: R4500 extra 10% discounted EFT within 24 hours of booking ticket / R5000 Standard Ticket
  • CPD Points: 24 CEUs applied for and 2 free optional ethics home study
  • CHAPMANS REFLEXES COURSE - Cape Town - postponed to 2021 - new dates tbc


    Important Information

    CHAPMANS REFLEXES COURSE; Cape Town; 25 -27 Nov 2020.


    Course material

    We are so excited to be able to present what I believe is a technique that should be taught in mainstream colleges and schools as part of standard curriculum.

    Experience the most effective way to assess and treat the musculoskeletal system – Chapmans Reflexes or Neurolymphatic points

    Many therapists already know, that when the nervous system is stressed due to defensive patterns, inflammation or simply working above what the normal balance of the body can cope with – imbalance occurs. See how some simple moves can effect change in a powerful way.

    Just as Dr R. Sugarman PhD at the 9th annual Soft Tissue Conference In 2015 days, “Our brain is wired to perform tasks. The brain doesn’t know how to isolate muscles. The brain does know how to create a strategy to accomplish a movement task. Our testing is about testing the nervous systems ability to respond in specific position/s.”

    This sophisticated bodywork has been approved as a modality by IICT as well as many other associations worldwide and works on a systematic testing of postural defensive muscles, understanding where the strength is being recruited from and a way to return it to the correct pattern.

    Within the 3 day course you will get a strong understanding of the history of the practitioner Frank Chapman, the neural-lymphatic links to the muscles via spinal segmentation disruption, testing stress response AND correcting the ANS to parasympathetic nervous system efficiency via a simple and rapid breathing training.

    Each practitioner will walk away with a feeling of empowerment over previously non-reactive pathologies, reduce pain, a new way to apply an integrated system of treating poor neural input, fascial train weakness, muscle strength and functional stability, and greatly improved lifestyle choices for their clients and patients.


    Practical application of techniques by demonstration then in pairs or groups

    Addressing how stress directly effects the diaphragm creating weakness

    Testing and treating pelvic instability, hamstring chronicity, lateral sling weakness

    Testing and treating the functional back line, thoracic defence, shoulder pathologies

    Testing and treating the abdominal/core and its link to SCM and jaw

    Testing and treating the lower limb Lastly, how to integrate it into your CURRENT practice smoothly and without stress!

    This is finally a way to work smarter and not harder. The results are so rapid because it is utilising safety and return to ‘norm’ as its primary driver.

    Chapmans Reflexes facilitation uses gentle touch stimulating the superficial fascial regions in a vigorous but not hard facilitatory motion.

    This means it is TOTALLY safe to apply to the aged, children and the chronic or debilitated client safely with great results.


    Addressing chronic hamstring tightness –

    90% Piriformis syndrome comes from the lats –

    Neck weakness and chin poke corrections in under 60 seconds –


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    Course Times

    View the course times:

    • Day 1: 1:00pm – 8:00pm
    • Day 2 & 3: 8:30am – 5:00pm




    “I am a Remedial Massage Therapist and always looking for new techniques I can add to my treatments to give my clients the best possible outcomes. I attended Paula’s Chapman’s Reflexes Workshop for the first time in October. Paula was a really engaging presenter with a wealth of knowledge to share! The techniques learnt in Paula’s workshop have been easily added to my client’s treatments to achieve some great results.”

    I have had great success assisting a client who had lost forearm and hand strength after breaking her Ulna during a fall a few months ago. After 3 treatments and some homework her hand strength is improving much faster than it had been before! Thanks Danielle

    Have been treating woman with restricted shoulder as a result of an MVA in 1998. Have seen her three times. Today we did the neurolymphatic ‘stuff’ for the shoulder and guess what – We recovered FULL RANGE OF MOTION, PAIN FREE. Thank you so much for that workshop. Best regards Barbara

    Wow Chapman’s Reflexes has just added another level to what I do. I had a lady come in yesterday using a walking stick as you couldn’t put weight on her right leg. She walked out 30 minutes later without using her stick telling me how ‘amazing’ I am. Haha love it. Thanks again for all you have taught me. Bron



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