FOOT AND ANKLE ONLINE STREAMING COURSE – Clinical tips on “how to” treat difficult ankle injuries – via zoom meeting

FOOT AND ANKLE ONLINE STREAMING COURSE – Clinical tips on “how to” treat difficult ankle injuries – via zoom meeting
25 Sep 2020 - 27 Sep 2020    
8:00 am - 11:00 am
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Short Description
Craig says - every so often an instructor and a course comes around that is just right - an experienced specialist lecturer, excellent content backed up by clinical experience and research making this course probably the best foot and ankle course!
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3 Continuing Education Units / hours per module

Important Information

FOOT AND ANKLE ONLINE STREAMING COURSE – Clinical tips on “how to” treat difficult ankle injuries – via zoom meeting;

with Helene Simpson

Live stream times; Friday 25th Sep; 3-6pm; Saturday 26th Sep; 8am – 11am and 1pm-4pm and Sunday 27th Sep; 8am – 11am. South African times for all 4 modules – please check your own local times.

Physiotherapist with a special interest in the management of FOOT AND ANKLE injuries, special interest physiotherapist; MEMBER OF South African Foot Surgeons Association (SAFSA) and International Society of Cartilage repair of the Ankle (ISCRA)

Past Participant Feedback

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I appreciated Helene’s evidence based approach and how she incorporated that into her practice. I also appreciated the ample amount of examples of exercises to give patients in each phase of rehab – Daniélle

Thank you for organising a great course – a fantastic idea to run the courses online, the course content was great and Helene very very informative. It was a nice continuation of Helene’s introductory foot and ankle course. Shannon

The foot and ankle course was excellent – very easy to follow and really liked that you also provide the zoom recording of the speaker so you can go back through the material multiple times and not panicking taking notes. No complaints, Helene is an excellent speaker and wonderful lady! – Claire

I was the student that attended this course and would firstly like to extend my gratitude in allowing me to attend. It was a great learning opportunity and I learnt a lot. The Zoom meetings were very well organized and the presentation was well constructed and easy to follow. It created wonderful interaction with other Physio’s and we could learn a lot from each other as well. I am looking forward to further courses. Thanks once again! Michelle

Have never participated in such before but actually found the foot and ankle course both thoroughly enjoyable and informative. Very easy to have discussions and chats; Ann

I really enjoyed Helene’s course. A wealth of information! I came away with a lot of practical tips and up to date protocols. Her rehabilitation ideas are going to be very useful. Also great to have the recordings and notes to be able to refer back to. Caty

Module 1: Friday, 25th Sep; 8am – 11am South African time

Module 2: Saturday 26th Sep; 8am – 11am and South African time

Module 3: Saturday 26th Sep; 1pm-4pm; South African time

Module 4: Sunday 27th Sep; 8am – 11am; South African time


Course material

FOOT AND ANKLE ONLINE STREAMING COURSE WITH HELENE SIMPSON – Clinical tips on “how to” treat some difficult injuries – via zoom meeting – Modules 1-4

Module 1

A quick overview of the clinical anatomy of the foot and ankle complex. Lecture 60 min

Practical ideas lecture 60 min

What is the latest in literature on rehabilitation of ankle and foot? How does traditional post injury rehabilitation compare to current evidence? Why do we have such poor outcomes with our rehabilitation? Lecture 60 min

What is a multi-modal ankle and foot rehabilitation regime supposed to look like? Phase 1 and phase 2. Lecture 60 min with practical ideas

Questions and discussion – close

Module 2

A few tips on gait with the AFO, how to put on a lace-up brace…. and some other ideas for your patient to enable their day to day tasks (driving a car, knee scooter etc.) Lecture discussion 30 minutes

How do I exercise my patients non-weight bearing? And for 6 to 8 weeks? Or more! Referring to midfoot fusions, calcaneal osteotomies etc. Lecture with practical ideas 60 minutes

How do I manage a patient with a Lis Franc post-operatively? My patient is a cross fit athlete. Lecture + exercise ideas 30 min

Case study on the rehabilitation of Tri-malleolar fracture: female with CRPS Lecture/ case study 60 min

Questions and discussion – close

Module 3

Is conservative management of ruptured achilles better than surgery? Lecture 30 min

I have been asked to treat a dysfunctional Tibialis Posterior conservatively. What can I do? Is it possible? Lecture + and ideas for rehabilitation 45 min

Plantar fasciitis is not always just that? Clinical tips on differential diagnosis and treatment plans? Lecture/ PowerPoint 30 min

Will patients benefit from physiotherapy after hallux valgus surgery? Lecture 45 min

My patient has severe sesamoiditis? What am I supposed to do to help? Lecture 15 min

Questions and discussion – close

Module 4

I sprained my ankle, but I still have this “weird” pain. Do you think it is cuboid syndrome? Lecture with slides on treatment techniques 60 min

I sprained my ankle, but I still have so much pain inside my ankle on taking weight and my ankle is stiff! I cannot do my rehab. (syndesmosis and OCL); What should I do now? Lecture 60 min

Clinical tips on a strategy to assist the long journey to recovery. Severe fracture of tib fib with ankle dislocation? Case study/ Lecture 40 min

Questions and discussion – close – 20 minutes


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Course Times

Live stream times; Friday 18th Sep; 3-6pm; Saturday 19th Sep; 8am – 11am and 1pm-4pm and Sunday 20th Sep; 8am – 11am. South African times for all 4 modules – please check your own local times.


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