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Gideon le Roux

Short Description

This course will enable practitioners competent in dry needling to further their knowledge and skills and have greater treatment results by integrating techniques and concepts as applied by acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

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Important Information

INTEGRATED ADVANCED DRY NEEDLING COURSE with Gideon le Roux; Integrating Acupuncture Principles into Dry Needling for Pain Management; Cape Town; 24-25 August 2024.

Course times; Day 1: 9am – 5pm – registration on day 1 at 8.30am; Day 2; 9am to 3pm.

This INTEGRATED ADVANCED DRY NEEDLING COURSE; Integrating Acupuncture Principles into Dry Needling for Pain Management will be applied for 14 ceu’s.


More Info

The purpose of this course is to enable practitioners to further their knowledge and have greater success in treatment results by incorporating techniques and concepts as applied by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

The vision;
The integration of Chinese medicine in a practical way into western medicine for practitioners who have already integrated dry needling practice as part of their scope of practice.

Take homes;
Dry needling practitioners will have increased their scope of practice and use of techniques for enhanced results with their clients.
This first advanced course in dry needling practice will also open the door for specific area conditions such as sciatica that has been highlighted in this first course.
The class size is limited, enabling personal directions and guidance for each practitioner.
This will naturally also be a networking opportunity for all concerned.

Course layout;
A 2 day workshop, 12 hours in total, 7 hours on the Saturday and 5 hours on the Sunday.

9am start
Greeting, orientation, introduction, background, ethical justification, course description, vision, and objectives.

Channel theory- pair channels, 3 divisions, circadian rhythm.
Channel direction flow

Yin-yang foundations
Needling direction
Bi syndrome

Holistic approach to health
Introduction to point groupings and point selections Versatile treatment approaches

Open discussion re-dry needling experience and challenges with potential solutions The problem of pain when needling

Patient centered care and communication
Clinical application – time retention of needles and needle manipulation techniques

Cultural components
Complementary treatment techniques
Guasha and rollers

Conclusion and questions
Go home

9m start
Paired excersises
Practical channel flow and sticker point exercise

Needling demonstration and practice demonstration Size, depth, precautions and reactions

Open discussion related to material to date

Sciatica as an example of a major pain condition, how to treat effectively and the needle prescription needed.

practical needling in 4 groups
Question and answer session
Attendance registration, conclusion and where to from here.
CPD certificate hand out

2pm conclusion and go home.

Gideon le Roux is an Internationally trained practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine with 20 plus years of experience. His primary modality is Acupuncture. For a similar amount of time he has been a teacher of Tai Qi & Gi Gong. In addition, he consults in homes and businesses, creating cures using Feng Shui.

Gideon’s passion is rooted in his innate comprehension of Chi (Qi, Prana, Energy). In private consultation and treatment, Gideon interprets in-depth studies of traditional Chinese signs, classical works such as the I-Ching, the Yellow Emperor’s Classic and the Confucian primary texts.

Recently he has created acupuncture-based treatments for facial rejuvenation – a relatively non-invasive aesthetic approach that yields wonderful results. He has developed a reputation for gentle, painless acupuncture techniques and serves many patients seeking relief in painful conditions such as sciatica.

His approach with clients is comprehensive in advice. He uses counselling and tailored strategies, keeping in mind personal orientations and cultural identification.

Gideon has recently returned to South Africa, his birth country. With him he brings skills honed abroad in four continents. Gideon is committed to continuous self-education for the purpose of expanding his knowledge and wisdom. He is driven to teach and mentor with a special interest in men’s wellbeing. Currently he is studying the Jungian approach of the deep subconscious mind.

Besides Chinese Medicine, Gideon is an author and accomplished chef.

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  • Course times; day 1: 9am – 4pm – registration on day 1 at 8.30am; Day 2; 9am to 2pm.



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