Liability / indemnity Waiver

Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Assumption of Risk for Club Physio courses

Important information for all participants of a Club Physio course.

Thank you for registering for this course / workshop with Club Physio. The following is the classroom preparation information for this course. If you have any
questions regarding these details please contact us at the email address listed below.

 Illustrated lecture and demonstration and / or;
 Open inquiry atmosphere; questions encouraged; vitality and humor welcome.
 During any practical portion of the workshop, participants will practice on one
another under supervision of the instructor and/or any designated assistants.

This document includes our liability disclaimer below.
Please read thoroughly and note that appearing for the class/course indicates your agreement and understanding of our policy. If you have questions, please email us asap.
During the practical portion of this workshop, participants will be asked to remove articles of clothing. Therefore, we ask that you dress appropriately for you and your fellow students to feel comfortable in the classroom. Our suggestions are: briefs /boxers for underwear, full bra or a 2 – piece swim suit work best but form fitting clothing such as running shorts and sports bra are also adequate.

Liability / Disclaimer
Thank you for your participation. Club Physio endeavors to produce high quality and useful continuing education seminars for a wide variety of professional therapists, instructors and teachers, We hope you enjoy your seminar.

Due to the litigious society in which we live, the following disclaimer is provided on the
advice of our legal counsel.

 Attendance at this seminar, though facilitated by Club Physio and taught /
instructed by our contracted teacher does not authorise participants to use Club
Physio’s service and/or trademarks without our consent.

 It should be further noted and understood that completion of this seminar entitles
you to practice any of the techniques taught provided they are specifically
included in your scope of professional practice. If you are unsure before or during
any part of the course, we strongly advise you to investigate this with your
professional body or association.

 In attending this seminar, you fully indemnify Club Physio and its representatives
for any liability or blame for any injury, accident or undesirable effect that may
occur due to receiving or performing the techniques undertaken to learn in this
seminar. This includes any physical injuries, mental or emotional stress, or any
other sequelae of participation in this training.

 You acknowledge that the practical skills in manual therapy, exercise
rehabilitation, product learning, touch cueing and assessment techniques are an
essential part of attending a course of this nature.

 Attending students are required to observe the demonstration of assessments and
practical techniques, as well as practice these techniques with fellow students.
Students should be prepared to be assessed and worked on with these techniques.

 Participants should understand that this sometimes requires undressing down to
underwear; if you have reservations about being worked on or assessed, please
discuss these in confidence with the instructor.

 All participants are to inform the Club Physio faculty of any illnesses, injuries,
and mental or emotional stress which may affect your participation or arise during
this training. Let it be known that nothing said, imparted manually, or implied
during this training seminar / course constitutes diagnosis, and is not a substitute
for competent medical attention when needed.

 Attendance at this seminar requires you to fully indemnify Club Physio and its
representatives of any liability or blame for any injury, accident, loss of or
undesirable effect that may occur at the meeting venue, from their equipment and
or from other attendees, This is to include, but is not limited to, faulty elevators,
slippery stairs or walkways, falling light fixtures, breaking chairs and/or
collapsing tables. If you are more comfortable bringing your own equipment,
including a treatment table, you are welcome and encouraged to do so.

 Club Physio and its representatives are also not liable for any injury, accident,
loss or undesirable effect that may occur due to any equipment another party, such
as a fellow participant, may bring in. This is to include, but is not limited to, a
treatment table that may be shared or be the cause of an accident or injury.

 Let it be known that Club Physio and its representatives are fully indemnified
from any inappropriate behavior or actions by any persons encountered at the
seminar. This is to include, but is not limited to meeting-site staff, other
participants, teaching assistants and Club Physio staff.

 If you encounter any inappropriate behavior, please notify the instructor or
facilitator immediately. If this is not possible, please contact the Club Physio
office directly.

By appearing for this workshop, you agree to this disclaimer and waiver of liability and
the assumption of risk undertaken when appearing and taking part on a Club Physio