02 Nov 2018 - 04 Nov 2018    
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met golf club
fritz sonnenberg drive, mouille point, Cape Town
Colin Malval D.O.
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Learn how to correct unbalanced posture, how to treat headaches, disturbed sleep, chewing disorders, chronic back pain...all by correcting mouth tension with manual therapy at the level of the tooth!
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Manual Therapy at the Tooth Level – Cape Town; with Colin Malval DO

Dates 2-4 November 2018

Course times. Day 1; 1-7pm and days 2&3; 8.30am-4.30pm


Course material


Manual Therapy at the Tooth Level

Very often teeth and more precisely the tooth is set aside from diagnosis.

Is this due to a lack of knowledge in the field? Lack of references, work or research on the subject? Causes are plenty, however manual therapy has a great potential to collaborate with professionals like dentists, speech therapists or orthodontists.

Based on a many years of research and practice on dental osteopathy, Colin Malval D.O., author of “​Stop Grinding your teeth, a holistic approach of bruxism” ​offers his experience to conduct this class. Beyond the consideration of the jaw alone, we are now talking about the tooth. How to correct unbalanced posture, how to treat headaches, disturbed sleep, chronique back pain… by correcting mouth tension?

Incorporating the dental diagnosis can help you understand and treat your patient health and well being and get closer to the fundamental principle of Andrew T. Still: “​Unity of the body”​. Using very soft and subtle manipulation, we can adjust the tension on a single tooth hence on an entire body too.

From inexperienced manual therapy students to well experienced practitioners, this 2 day class gives you the keys to better understand and practice dental manual practice in your clinic. A well educated sense of touch and basics on cranial movement are required to follow this course.

Dental osteopathy has always been an interest for me. As part of my training at the College International D’Ostéopathie (CIDO), Saint-Etienne, France, I developed a keen interest in working on my patient’s teeth, adjusting jaw tension, and balancing people’s bite. I spent several years working and traveling around the world to deepen my knowledge of holistic and energetic medicine, as well as dental care. I have gathered clinical experience in France, Germany, Belgium, India and Canada. All of which has given me a comprehensive and ever-growing understanding of dental osteopathy and health.

André Mergui, a French stomatologist, was the first to introduced me to dental osteopathy. The first step was to understand the connection between the posture and the bite. André Mergui says, “We walk on our teeth”. He is speaking of the connection between our feet, posture and bite. In France, I had the privilege of being mentored by Christine Perez, a holistic dentist who teaches that teeth are very much alive. After moving to Canada I joined the Schecter dental office in Toronto. Together along with Dr. Michael Schecter, DDS, the team has been working hand in hand towards a better and more holistic dental care.

First Day


Presentation and introduction to the course Osteopathic principles
Embryology and anatomy of the dental system

9:45am​ tea break


Numerotation of the tooth Function of the tooth Posturology and bite

1pm​ Lunch break


Observation and posturology
Understanding the relationship between, the teeth, the posture and feet position

3pm​ tea break
Tooth manipulation and guided practice, feeling and treating a tooth tension

5pm​ End of the first day

Second Day

8:30am Question answer about the previous day Individual Practise of the previous day techniques

10:30am Tea break

10:45am Tooth function and tongue function Observing the saliva swallowing in a patient mouth

1pm lunch break

1:45pm Dental orthodontics, different approach Mouth guards

3 pm Tea break

3:15pm Bite techniques, guided practise Tooth and organ relationship Question answer
5:00pm ​Closing questions, summary and conclusion
5:30pm ​End of the 2 day course

Feedback from two attendees of JOPA course taught by Malval D.O. in September, 2017

“I have always felt that the part around your teeth is also important when you observe your patient’s body as a whole. Nonetheless I had never had a chance to learn about the area properly. Then I received the brochure on the course I have taken this time. The impact your teeth give to your posture is much greater than I thought. I was really impressed by the change of your body after your body was released. I struggled with detecting mobility of teeth at first. But gradually I gained my confidence in my treatment having practiced many times on different practice partners. I have re-acknowledged that teeth form an important part of your body as it relates to swallowing and phonation as well. I am very grateful to Malval D.O. and the translator, Mr. Nohara for the special two days’ course.”

“I often see patients who have problem with their teeth so I decided to take this course. I was able to learn about teeth from the perspective of anatomy and embryology so I could master the mobility of teeth and get proper response. I assume it will take a lot of experience to master this completely but I would like to try from tomorrow at my clinical work what I have learnt during the course. I would like to participate in the next stage of this course, if any. Thank you very much.”

Click on the link to watch the feedback of Guy Ashburner who attend the Manual therapy at the tooth level in Cape Town:


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  • Course times. Day 1; 1-7pm and days 2&3; 8.30am-4.30pm




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