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Date of Course:
01 Apr 2019 - 02 Apr 2019

Probably the best and most up-to-date Foot and Ankle course in the in UK and Ireland!
  • Lecturer: Helene Simpson
  • CPD Points: 14 CPD hours on certificate


    Important Information

    The Foot and Ankle Course with Helene Simpson; Dublin, Ireland 01 April – 02 April 2019

    Course times:  9am-5pm on both days 1 and 2.


    Course material


    FOOT AND ANKLE COURSE – Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation

    This course will present an update on the functional anatomy of the foot and ankle and how this influences the choice of treatment and management outcomes for foot and ankle pathology and injury. A practical protocol to managing acute ankle injuries will also be presented and discussion around several case studies and treatment regimes will also take place.

    The treatment and rehabilitation of more complex and long standing foot and ankle injuries with a special input into “weak and unstable” ankles will also be presented incorporating foot wear, orthotics, braces and taping and rehabilitation strategies. This course is practical and easy to implement in your practice and will assist you in making correct and informative decisions regarding your patients’ foot and ankle problems.


    Helene is foremost a clinician who is passionate about evidence based clinical practice.  The course aims give tips and guidance based on the clinical knowledge she has amassed and her on-going research.

    The workshop will kick off with an update on the functional anatomy of the foot and ankle and how this influences the choice of treatment, management and functional outcomes.

    Helene wants to assist physiotherapists with their clinical reasoning in grading ankle sprains, assessing acute ankle injuries and concomitant injuries. We will discuss the most useful clinical tests, the importance of the Ottawa Ankle and foot rules in excluding fractures, and how to assess a patient’s functional performance, inclusive or return to sport.

    An evidence based protocol in managing acute ankle injuries will be presented and various treatment regimens will be discussed. We will discuss when and for how long an ankle should be immobilised and the immediate treatment following an ankle sprain.

    A comprehensive rehabilitation workshop will address the important components to be included in a rehabilitation regime. Treatment and rehabilitation of complex and long standing foot and ankle pathologies such as recurrent ankle sprains, ankle instability and impingements, osteochondral lesions and a short introduction on mid-foot sprains, plantar heel pain, and the acquired flat foot and “weak and unstable” ankles will be presented.

    She will discuss/ debate foot wear, orthotics, preventative braces and taping. This is in essence a hands-on/ practical/ interactive course (and usually a lot of fun). The rehabilitation skills are easy to implement in your practice.

    Day 1 lecture time breaks
    8h30 9h00 Registration
    9h00 9h15 Introduction and welcome 15
    9h15 11h00 Anatomy: functional anatomy (practical) 105
    11h00 11h30 TEA 30
    11h30 12h30 Assessment of the ankle foot complex 30
    12h30 13h30 LUNCH 60
    13h30 14h30 Assessment of the ankle foot complex 60
    14h30 15h00 Manual therapy ankle and foot theory: improving dorsi-flexion 30
    15h00 15h15 TEA 15
    15h15 17h00 Manual therapy ankle and foot (practical) 105
    Day 2
    9h00 10h00 Syndesmosis, Medial ankle sprain, Ankle fractures 60
    10h00 11h00 Achilles tendinopathies, tib post dysfunction, plantar fasciopathy 60
    11h00 11h30 TEA 30
    11h30 12h00 Midfoot sprains, Hallux valgus 30
    12h00 12h30 ruptures of Achilles 30
    12h30 13h30 LUNCH 60
    13H30 16h00 Rehabilitation (principles and practical) 150
    16h00 16h45 Case studies (practical)/ TEA 30 Tea * while doing cases
    16h45 17h00 Closing and questions 15 Tea * while doing cases
    720 210

    Past Course Testimonials

    • Helene is a brilliant teacher & explains things very practically with lots of clinical/patient experiences to help us understand. She also demonstrates wonderful fresh ideas for assessment and rehab, thank you – Belinda
    • Even after 20 years experience there are new research results & treatment possibilities! – Regina
    • A fantastic course. Very informative & practical. Will definitely be better at treating/rehab ankles now, thank you – Lindsay
    • Uitstekende kursus, uitstekend aangebied. Kan definitief met meer vertroue ‘n problem enkel aanspreek! – Mariana
    • Unthreatening learning environment – difficult anatomy made clear & new rehab exercises – Julie
    • I enjoyed the course – the information was highly transferable to the clinical settings – Linda


    CURRICULUM VITAE: Helene Simpson

    Affiliations: Registered with HPCSA, Registered APDL2 physiotherapist with SASP (member of 3 interest groups: OMPTG, Sport and Pain), member of SASMA, member of South African Foot Surgeons Association, member of AFAP in United Kingdom.

    Educational Background:
    M.Sc. Physiotherapy (thesis) (cum laude): Physiotherapeutic Management of Acute Ankle Sprains: A survey of clinical practice in the Western Capeand and comparison thereof to evidence-based guidelines, 2013, University of Stellenbosch
    Completed and passed OMTG 1, Western Cape 2011
    B Sc. Med Hons Sports Science (Physiotherapy), UCT, 1990
    HDE, University of Pretoria, 1987
    B Sc. Physio, UOFS, 1981 – 1984

    Contributing author for book: Quick questions in Ankle Sprains. Expert Advice in Sports Medicine; What is Cuboid Syndrome? 2015 (Amazon).
    Published research article in SAJP: (Volume 70, no 2 2014): Physiotherapy for acute ankle sprains: How do we compare to evidence based clinical guidelines?

    Contributing author for article: Post-treatment Follow-up, Imaging and Outcome scores: Proceedings of the International Consensus Meeting on Cartilage Repair of the Ankle, Foot Ankle International, volume 39, Issue 1 Supplement July 2018

    Professional work experience:

    1997 – Present Sole proprietor Helene Simpson Physiotherapy in the UCT Sport Injuries Centre: Managing practice and HR, coordinating and liaising on-field physiotherapy for UCT Sport. Arranging journal clubs and ongoing clinical training for team at Sport Injuries Centre. Performing 30 treatments per week – ankle and foot related complaints

    1991 – 1997 Chief Physiotherapist at Sports Injuries Centre, UCT: practice management: budget, HR, treatment protocols and treating patients (40 slots per week)

    1991 Part time lecturer B Sc Sports Science for the physiotherapy curriculum

    1987 – 1990 Physiotherapist in Private Practice, Nicky Ackermann, Cape Town
    1986 – 1987 Junior Lecturer, Dept. of Physiotherapy, UP (Spinal Injuries, ICU)
    1984 – 1986 Physiotherapist at Conradie Spinal Unit, Cape Town

    Lecturing and presentations:
    Invited to participate as clinical expert physiotherapist at Proceedings of the International Consensus Meeting on Cartilage Repair of the Ankle, specifically related to topic of post operative treatment, Pittsburgh, USA 2017.
    Instructional presenter at SAOC 2018 (CSRI, Pretoria): Does my Hallux Valgus patient need physiotherapy?
    Instructional presenter at SASMA congress 2017 in Cape Town: Tips for physiotherapists on management of difficult lower limb tendinopathies – based on current evidence.
    Keynote speaker at sympsiom hosted by OMPTG, KZN, November 2017: How to manage the difficult ankle with confidence?
    Co-presenter (physiotherapist expert) at Colloquims presented by Ossur on “How I manage Inserrtional Achilles Tendinopathy and Plantar fasicopathy”. Cape Town, Hermanus, Durban 2017
    Instructional presenter at SAOC 2017 (Port Elizabeth): Should I manage ruptures of the achilles tendon conservatively?
    Co-presenter (physiotherapist expert) at Colloquims presented by Ossur on “How I manage Ankle Sprains”: Worcester, Stellenbosch, Cape Town, Nelspruit, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Richards Bay, Port Elizabeth, East London 2015, 2016.
    Lecture ad-hoc at MPhil course at UCT and MSc Programme at University of Stellenbosch on: Ankle Rehabilitation and Management, Cuboid Syndrome, The Difficult Ankle and The Principles of Rehabilitation 2015, 2016 and 2017.
    Lecturer of the Foot and Ankle module (14 hours) on SPT1 2017.
    Presenter of 2 day workshops: “Clinical Workshop for physiotherapists on the Ankle and Foot (based on evidence from current literature). Presented 30 + workshops in South Africa (since 2006). This workshop was also presented internationally in Windhoek (3 times; 2014, 2016, 2017) and at Aspetar Hospital, Quatar in November 2018, upon invitation of the Department of Rehabiltative Services.
    Speaker at First and Second National Congress of Sports Group of South Africa in 2010 2011, and 2015: The difficult ankle. The unstable ankle. It is not a sprain – so what can it be?
    Presenter South African Clinical Sports Medicine Conference 2014: Prevention of recurrent ankle sprains: the evidence?
    Presented 6 evening lectures during 2013; Update of evidence based research on Physiotherapeutic managment of Functional Unstable Ankles, Cape Town.
    Presented paper at 5th International Ankle Symposium in Lexington, Kentucky: 16 to 20 October 2012: Topic: Physiotherapeutic treatment of Cuboid Syndrome following an acute ankle sprain.

    • Awarded membership to Golden Key Society for academic excellence 2014
    • Awarded prize for best presentation and best clinically relevant research by a physiotherapist (based on MSc thesis) at University of Stellenbosch Research Day 2013
    Courses, workshops, conferences attended
    2014 to 2018/ current:
    o Attended SAFSA meetings: two per year since 2015, Discussing clinical cases
    o Radiology meeting for ankle and foot surgeons and other clinical experts, 2018
    o SAOC congress Pretoria, August 2018: Hallux Valgus and other foot issues, 1 day
    o Ossur Colloquium: How I manage the OA Knee, August 2018
    o Attended Module 3 of Pain: Pain Interventions for Rehab Professionals, by Jacqui Koep and Dr Tory Madden, April 2018
    o Optimal Loading in Orthopedic Rehabilitation, 1.5 days, by Arnold Vlok of Optimal Loading, April 2018
    o Journal club Sport Injuries Centre 2018 (6 meetings)
    o Completed 2 online courses with Physioplus: Chronic Ankle Instability risk identification, The Foot model November 2018
    o 1 Day Symposium OMPTG, KZN 2017: Managing ankles – conservatively
    o Attended WCPT 2017 in Cape Town (8 CPD points)
    o Attended SAFSA congress 25 – 27 May 2017in Sandton, Gauteng (22 CPD points)
    o Sport Injuries Centre: Practice Journal Club: lecture on acquired flat foot and midfoot sprains (10 CPD points)
    o Completed Foot and Ankle course on-line 2017 by Physiopedia (16 CPD points)
    o Attended lecture by Dr G McCollum on Common Ankle conditions, 2017 (2 CPD points)
    o COMOC 2016, Day 1 and 2: Foot and Ankle group, 11 and 12 April 2016
    o Attended weekend workshop by Adriaan Louw on 6 and 7 February 2016: Therapeutic Neuroscience Education
    o Attended 6th International Ankle Symposium in Dublin 16 – 18 October 2015
    o Attended International Congress on Cartilage Repair of the Ankle, South Africa June 2015, Kwa Maritane, August 2015.
    o Attended National Sports Group Congress 2015, Lagoon Beach
    o Attended Modules 1 and 2 presented by national Pain Group of SA: Principles of Pain 2014 and Move the Fear Away 2015.

    2011 to 2014:
    o Rehabilitation of ankle sprains (Prof Graham Smith) 2014
    o Rehabilitation (Helen Millson) 2014
    o Evening lectures on “Barefoot running”, Training for Triathlons, Supplements in Sport etc. 2013 – 2015
    o Completed OMPTG 1 2013 (Western Province Branch, Cape Town).

    2001 – 2013
    • Attended a variety of workshops:
    Pilates, SIJ, lumbar stability, Cranio-sacral therapy, Nags and Snags, Pilates on the ball, kinetic activation and control (2 courses), Muscle Activation etc.
    • 2008 Kinesio Taping: David Parish 2-day workshop
    • 2009 Anatomy Trains: Thomas Myers 2-day workshop
    o Chronic Low Back Pain: Dr Peter O’Sullivan 3-day workshop
    • 2010 Tendon Rehabilitation: Jill Cook 1-day workshop
    o OMT 1
    o 2011 – 2013 Rehabilitation of the Hip post-injury and post-surgery (Dr Dower and Marina Wege)
    o Rehabilitation of cervical whiplash injuries (Kerry Grierson)

    1990 – 2001
    • Courses in Physiotherapeutic management: Spinal treatments, management and rehabilitation
    • Courses in alternative medicine: different types of massage, Feldenkrais techniques and rehabilitation: Pilates and Yoga
    • Attended various seminars by Orthopedic Surgeons on Treatment of range of injuries of sports persons.

    Other work experience: Sporting events:
    Managed and worked at UCT sporting events and sporting tournaments
    Manages physiotherapy services for the Argus Cycle Tour 1992 – 2015
    Co-ordinator of SPT1, Cape Town 1998 to 2013.


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    • Course times:  9am-5pm on both days 1 and 2.




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