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Jacqui McCord-Uys

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Jacqui's Sports Taping course has got it all for you including Kinesiology Tape and McConnell Taping and corrective techniques and injury prevention applications. Don't delay, book now!

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THE SPORTS TAPING COURSE: INCLUDING DYNAMIC, MCCONNELL, KT AND ATHLETIC TAPE – with Jacqui McCord-Uys – Jo’burg with Jacqui McCord-Uys; 24-25 May 2024 – 14 CEUS applied for

Course times : 12:30 to 18:00 day 1 & 8:30 to 17:00


Course material

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Introduction to Taping and its practical use.

In this course, you are shown the basics of all taping and its application.

History and Introduction to the tapes, application techniques, preparation, maintenance, and tape properties

Jacqui says – ‘My course has an injury specific approach. This will thus enable you to know exactly how to apply it to your patient’s conditions in your treatment of patients. Injury corrective techniques and injury prevention applications are covered. All areas from the feet to the fingers are discussed’.

Additional treatment and biomechanical correction pearls are also shared to enable practitioners to treat injuries more effectively.

The taping course is an evidence based practical course with a brief look at the theory behind each aspect of taping as well as the tape itself. With all the controversy surrounding the research proven efficacy of kinesiology tape I show the therapist how to use tape to enhance the healing but emphasize the fact that alone tape is not effective Tape is just one of our many tools to enhance healing and protect the person.

I finish with a practical case study group testing to summaries the 2 days


Taping & Injury Management Course program

Day 1

Registration 12h30 to 13h00
Welcome and House hold arrangements  
Theory on All Tapes – Dynamic, Kinesiology, Athletic & McConnell 13h00
·        Introduction to Tape and its history  
·        The Main effect of Tape  
Practical Taping use and applications  
·        Cutting Methods and Application  
Patient Basic Screening Test to establish the best Tape applications related to muscular and joint problems.  
Snack Break 16h30
Practical Application of Main Tape techniques 17h00
·        Muscle Application  
·        Ligament technique  
·        Fascia Technique  
·        How to approach Taping  
·        Anatomy Emphasis  
·        Anatomy and Biomechanics revision  
·        Sport Specific injuries and its Kinesiology application  
·        General Treatment approach for an ankle injury  
o   Ligaments  
o   Tendons  
o   Retinaculum  
o   Ankle stability  
o   Fibular head shift  
·        Rehabilitation  
·        Anatomy & Common cause  
·        Best treatment approach  
o   Plantar fasciitis  
Lower leg  
·        Anatomy & injury Causes  
·        Best Treatment approach  
o   Shin Splints  
o   Tendon strains  
Close 20h00



START 8h00
Knee Anatomy and Biomechanics revision  
Best Taping and Rehabilitation approach  
·         Ligaments  
·         Pes Anserine Bursitis  
·         Patellar tendon and Anterior Knee pain  
·         Knee effusion  
·         ITB  
Upper leg injuries  
Anatomy in depth look at misconceptions of the 2 Groups  
·         Quadriceps  
·         Hamstrings  
Tea 11h00
Pelvis injuries 11h15
Most common injuries and diagnosis pitfalls  
·         Groin strains  
·         Lateral Hip syndrome  
Back injuries anatomy and Biomechanical approach  
Muscle grouping in Taping approach  
·         Disc lesions  
·         Muscle injuries  
·         Trigger points  
·         Specific muscle applications  
·         Specific conditions e.g. headaches  
Lunch 13h00
Shoulder Anatomy and biomechanical revision 13h30
Sport specific injuries and applications  
Rehabilitation errors and how tape can assist in training  
·         Rotator cuff syndrome  
·         AC ligament injuries  
·         Muscle force couples and their application  
‘Running Tea’ 15h00
Elbow Wrist Hand & finger  
Theory and kinesiology applications  
·         Epicondylitis  
·         Carpal tunnel syndrome  
·         Ligament injuries  
Case studies & Practical test 16h30
Feedback on Group test & Closing 17h00



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Course Times

View the course times:

  • Day 1: 12.30pm – 6:00pm
  • Day 2: 8:30am – 5:00pm



“Learned a lot of things. Thank you! I hope to attend more of these workshops in future.”

Priyanka Jain

“The course was amazing. Would love to attend the advanced taping course or any other workshops you conduct.”

Monali J. Joshi

“Course was very nice. Many things got cleared about kinesiology tapping.”

Sowkhya Sagare

“We learnt a lot with Jacqui, so thank you to her. Was a very good programme. Looking forward for the other workshops.”

Mayuri Koli

“Its good to learn in a practical way like Jacqui did. Thank you.”


“Good experienced instructor, very comprehensively taken.”

Mohsin Ansari

“I am very impressed with Jacqui McCord. She has taken complete efforts to make us understand the concept of kinesio taping. I think this was the easiest method of understanding!”

Chaitee Gulwadi

“Good interaction and always helpful with corrections.”

Barbara Pretorius

“Very good presenter. I really enjoy this course as it will aid greatly in future practice as well as with my sports team.”

Lauren Nickei

“Very practical and applicable for all work environments.”

Candice Permall

“Great course, the tape + techniques proved to be effective. Enjoyed refreshing basic anatomy.”


“Good practical presentation. Can use immediately in practice.”

Tasneem Rakiep

“Very approchable for questions, clear, concise, logical presentation. Easy to follow.”

Jessie Haddad

“Great practical course. Something that can be used in many conditions and immediately.”

Brenda Silberbauer

“Loved the practical aspects of the course. Would recommend other people doing this course as well.”


“Very interesting, practical course, directed + run really well. Thoroughly enjoyed!”

Karyn Moore

“Great course, well done Jacqui, really informative.”

Toughieda Elloker

“Great course, loved it. Really will help me when working with high performance athletes.”

Ronel Mitchell

“Good content, very usable and easily applicable.”

Nabeela Laher


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