YOGA AS A TOOL FOR HEALING – via zoom meeting

24 Apr 2020 - 27 Apr 2020    
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Karine Bezuidenhout
Short Description
This course is an overview of modern Yoga, discussing the benefits and understanding the physiology behind why it might be beneficial for you, your patients and clients.
CPD Points
3 Continuing Education Units / hours per module

Important Information

YOGA AS A TOOL FOR HEALING – FOR HEALTHCARE AND MOVEMENT THERAPISTS – via zoom meeting; Live stream 24th and 27th April 2020.

with Karine Bezuidenhout

Course times; Live stream times both days; 9am – 12pm; South Africa time; please check your own local times


Course material

Yoga as a tool for healing with Karine Bezuidenhout.

This course is an overview of modern Yoga, discussing the benefits and understanding the physiology behind why it might be beneficial for you, your patients and clients. It will aim to facilitate an understanding of the main components of the practice and discuss the research as well.

As a physio / health care worker / movement teacher / bio / yoga / pilates / Gyro therapist, you will have a deeper understanding of the evidence-based benefits of yoga as well as understanding when to refer patients and how to guide them to explore the style of yoga they will probably benefit from most. This will not enable you to teach yoga, but enable you to guide your patients efficiently, as well as encouraging you to interact with this practice.

As a Yogi, you will have a deeper understanding of the most basic components of yoga and the anatomical and physiological effect it has on our bodies. You should have a better understanding to guide your patients / clients towards a pain-free and beneficial practice.

Module 1; Friday 24th April; 9am – 12noon

Theoretical discussion, exploring the history, the benefits and the considerations in practising yoga.

To understand the practice of Yoga and all the components essential thereto;
How / why may yoga benefit your patient;
Understand the basic postures, breathwork, chants and meditations;
Discuss the research as well as anecdotal and traditionally believed benefits;
An overview of Yoga philosophy;
to enable both physio and yoga practitioners to use this tool for our patients / clients as part of the multi-disciplinary medical team;
Understand when to use yoga as a tool with caution and how to specifically guide specific patients.

Take home messages
Yoga is a living, changing practice.
It can be practiced in a way that resonates with and benefits every individual.
A deeper understanding of the practice to enable both physio and yogi to explore the practice in a meaningful way.

Module 2; Monday 27th April; 9am – 12noon

A practical module. Drawing attention to parallels in yoga and physio / medical treatments, paying attention to possible harmful poses for certain conditions as well as most useful poses for specific rehab protocols.

Experience a 1 hour yoga class with all the components of yoga in the class.
Being able to understand Yoga jargon in physiotherapy and medical terms.
Understand the anatomy of basic yoga poses.
Be able to guide patients through specific ques to use within their yoga practice as part of their rehab process.
Be able to guide patients on which poses to modify to support their rehab process.
For Yogis, to understand why certain poses hurt and why sometimes the traditional ques hurt more, enabling yogis to que patients more accurately and safely.

Take home messages
Understand that yoga has a significant role to play in our patient care;
Yoga is a healthy lifestyle that can support any medical condition.
Yoga is a practice that can be of great benefit in our continued care.
Understand the diversity in teachers and styles and movement practices.
It’s worthwhile to build a relationship with local yoga teacher / physio.
Think clinical, but with open mind and heart.


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Course Times

Live stream time; 9am – 12noon for both modules; South Africa time; please check your own local times



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