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Date of Course:
16 Nov 2017 - 18 Nov 2017

Learn to identify different problems in the muscular-skeletal system; use diagnostic & examination tools to identify & treat postural & movements defects; apply a vast & diverse quantity of exercises for the patients / clients condition & needs
  • Lecturer: Ofer Zahar
  • Price: 512 euros early bird / 572 euros full fees
  • CPD Points: 21 CPD hours on certificate


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    FIT AND RELEASE  COURSE with Ofer Zahar; Dublin, Ireland; 16-18 November 2017

    Venue; Louis Fitzgerald Hotel; Course times : 9 am- 5pm

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    Course Objectives:
    1. The student will be able to identify different problems in the muscular-skeletal system
    2. The student will receive extra knowledge in the fields of anatomy & patho-anatomy of the
    movement system
    3. The student will know how to use diagnostic & examination tools in his work for identify & treat
    postural & movements defects
    4. The student will learn to apply a vast & diverse quantity of exercises in perfect technique &
    adapt & modify them according to the patient/client condition & needs
    5. The student will know how to make the integration between the theoretical & practical
    knowledge with case studies that will be given to him throughout the course
    Day 1:
    ‘Fit & Release’ as a solution for human movement system dysfunctions
    Identification of defects in the movement and the reasons they have been created
    Review of effective identification & screening methods & tools , & the coping &
    correcting techniques by the ‘Fit & Release’ course concept:
    o External Cues for better load distribution
    o Creating optimal movement patterns
    o Using SMFR (Self Myofascial Release) with Massage balls & Foam Rollers
    Combining the ‘Fit & Release’ Concept within correct movement patterns &
    preserving them as functional patterns that mimic the actual workout of our client
    in ways of: planes of motion, range of motion, speed etc.
    Practical workshop about the foundations of ‘Fit & Release’ course
    o Introduction with the Over Head Squat, Step Up, Walking Lunge & more
    exercises as an Examination, Identification & corrective tools
    o Introduction with the SMFR (Self Myofascial Release) as part of the ‘Fit &
    Release’ concept.
    o Integration of the ‘Fit & Release’ in correct movement patterns &
    preservation of these patterns as functional patterns that mimic the real actions
    being performed by the client / patient in germs of planes & range of motion,
    speed of work, relations between different joint etc.
    Day 2:
    The Hip & Pelvic: the “supreme headquarters” of the lower extremity:
    The reasons for focusing on the hip joint as a possible source & cause for dysfunctions,
    problems & Injuries in the lower back & lower extremities
    Causes & effects of failures & dysfunctions sourcing in the hip
    Postural & movement emphasizes as a solution for failures & dysfunction that have been found
    Future prevention methods & tools
    Practical workshop ‘Fit & Release’ for the Hip:
    o Hip Hinge
    o Optimal recruitment of torso, pelvic & hip muscles for unloading of Hip Flexors
    o Hip on pelvic disassociation
    o Complex exercises as a part of a more wide & whole function
    o SMFR for the hip & pelvic area
    Fascia & it’s role in rehabilitation & training:
    o Understanding the role of the fascia in our body
    o Why is the fascia relevant for our cause as trainers & manual therapists
    o History & differences between MFR (Myofascial Release) & SMFR (Self myofascial
    o Application of when & how to use SMFR tools (massage ball & foam roller)
    o Benefits from using SMFR in our training & treatment & the usage of SMFR in the wFit &
    Release’ concept
    Practical Workshop: Implementation of SMFR with all the relevant SMFR tools
    Stretches: when, how, why & why not!
    o Effectiveness of static & dynamic stretches dosage, necessity & timing
    o Usage of SMFR as an integral part in the warm up & release regimes
    o New stretches & optimizing the work through them
    o Preserving & improving the ROM (Range of motion) in the exercises that we perform
    Day 3:
    The shoulder , the Scapula & the reciprocal relations between them:
    o Common causes for movement problems & dysfunctions in relation to the torso, upper
    body & upper extremities, such as: dyskinesia of the scapula, stiffness & hypomobility in
    the thorax area
    o Observational & examinational tools in these areas
    o ‘Fit & Release’ as a practical solution for these upper body dysfunctions
    Practical workshop ‘Fit & Release’ for the Shoulder Girdle area:
    o SMFR with massage Ball, Double massage ball, foam roller etc. , for the shoulder,
    scapula & shoulder girdles’ muscles , while using resistance bands & different equipment
    for extra improvement
    o Using resistance bands & taping to normalize scapula’s position & shoulders’ stabilizers
    tone for creating a better & optimal pattern of movement in the different shoulder girdle
    o Teaching corrective exercises for optimal recruitment of the torso & shoulder girdle
    stabilizing muscles in functional movement patterns
    o All the lectures & materials that are presented & being learned in ‘Fit & Release’ Course
    are based on updated literature & researches.
    o Throughout the course there will be case studies & different corrective techniques
    integrated in the course.

    OFER ZAHAR – Lecturer and Developer of the ‘Fit & Release’ Course:

    Ofer is a Certified Physiotherapist (B.P.T) , first degree from university of Haifa (B.P.T) , and a Masters Degree with specialization in manual therapy and sports injuries from Ben Guryon university (M.P.T), Tel Aviv. Ofer is a Master & Specialist in the manual, orthopedic, sports injuries and movement rehabilitation treatments and the owner and head physio of Physio Fitness+ a private clinic in Israel for physiotherapy and orthopedic-functional rehabilitation.

    Ofer is also a lecturer at some of the best academic institutes in Israel , included Wingate Institute, Tel Aviv University, Seminar HaKibutzim College and a lecturer / presenter of workshops for private institutes and in domestic conventions in the fields of health, physiotherapy, work life balance, functional rehabilitation, ergonomics etc.

    Ofer has developed courses for physiotherapists, osteos, chiros, personal and athletic trainers, pilates and yoga instructors and more, including his ‘Fit & Release’ course, Post Rehabilitative Functional Pilates’ and ‘Physio-Shape’ courses and is also an assistant in the Dry Needling Level 1 Course with Club-Physio.

    Ofer is also a professional advisor to many health clubs, gyms and pilates studios in Israel and has done many post graduate courses in physiotherapy and specifically in the filed of manual therapy and rehabilitation, certified personal trainer and pilates instructor.

    A Club Physio Courses registration includes:
    • Most supplies needed for the course as suggested by the instructor; you may be requested to bring along some equipment needed for the course and in your clinic thereafter.
    • An electronic course manual (you can choose to print it out or save and bring it along on your laptop / tablet; please bring extra writing paper should you wish to make extra notes;
    • Tea / coffee / snacks on each day;
    • A signed certificate of attendance.


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    Course Times

    View the course times: 16-18 November 2017

    Day 1, 2&3: 9:00am – 5:00pm




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