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NHS to trial The Perrin Technique for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME)

Chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) is a clinically defined condition characterized by severe disabling fatigue and a combination of symptoms including disturbance in concentration and loss of short-term memory, disturbed sleep, and musculoskeletal pain.
Since there is no accepted means of diagnosis by pathological tests such as blood or urine analysis, the standard diagnostic protocol of CFS/ME used at present within the NHS is one of exclusion. In other words the patient will only be diagnosed as suffering from CFS/ME when all other possible diagnostic tests have proved negative. This is not an adequate way of diagnosing any disease and causes much distress among patients who often have many exhaustive tests that still do not give any answer.

A new research project is soon to begin at Wrigthington Hospital, Wigan based on a chance discovery in 1989 by osteopath and neuroscientist Dr Raymond Perrin who  revealed a possible association between certain biophysical dysfunctions and the incidence of CFS/ME. The concept of CFS/ME being primarily a physical disorder is foreign to most of the medical profession. However, many of them recognise that CFS/ME has physical symptoms.

Dr Perrin, the principal investigator for the research project has observed repeated patterns of physical signs among sufferers that cannot be dismissed as pure coincidence. The project “Examining the accuracy of a physical diagnostic technique For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis” has received ethical approval from the NHS and is being conducted by a team at the Allied Health Professions unit at The University of Central Lancashire, Preston in association with 3 NHS Trusts.

Dr Perrin presented evidence to support his work in San Francisco this March at the biennial conference of The International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /Myalgic Encephalomyelitis  (IACFS/ME), attracting interest from many of the 400 professionals from around the world. The scientific community are tantalizingly close to gaining an understanding of CFS/ME.
If an evidence-based bio-physical diagnostic procedure was introduced at the earliest onset of some of the symptoms associated with CFS/ME then it could lead to a much speedier diagnosis. They would also be in a position to commence any management of the illness far earlier than the present protocol which in some regions takes at least six months before referral to an NHS specialist unit and at least a further month of blood tests.

Thus if an aid to diagnosis was developed with identifiable positive physical signs rather than the negative exclusion, it would be much more preferable clinically. It would also reduce the huge financial burden placed on the health service by reducing the need of some of the pathological tests carried out at present.

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Dr Raymond N Perrin DO, PhD

Hon. Senior Lecturer, Allied Health Professions Research Unit

University of Central Lancashire

Registered Osteopath and Neuroscientist

Specialist in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME




1984-1986   Associate at a private osteopathic clinic in Wakefield, West Yorkshire:


1984-onwards     Principal of own private osteopathic practice in North Manchester: 


1988-1998     Resident osteopath of Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Midland Manchester:


1988-1996    City Centre Osteopathic Practice at Manchester’s St John Street:


1994-1997   Research Student at Department of Orthopaedic Mechanics, University of Salford:


1994  Medical Advisor to leading UK bed manufacturer.


1997-2005  Research Student at The Department of Biological Sciences, University of Salford:


2001-onwards Visiting osteopath running specialist CFS/ME clinic in Bushey, Herts:


2005-onwards  Principal at The Perrin Clinic Manchester: A central Manchester clinic in St John Street, 


Honorary Positions


1985-1990      Honorary Advisor To Northern Branch of The International Spinal Research Trust:


1986-1988      Health Columnists to Regional Newspaper:


1996-onwards    Research Director of F.O.R.M.E. Trust:


1996-onwards     Visiting Lecturer at The British School Of Osteopathy, London:


1999   Official Osteopath to the World Student Games, Sheffield:


2007- Hon. senios lecturer at the School of Public Health and Clinical Sciences , University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK.


2010-  Vice Patron of The British School Of Osteopathy, London


2010-  Ambassador to England for the International Association of  CFS/ME 


2011-  Patron of South Sefton ME Support Group, Liverpool. 


2011  Appointed Member of the scientific committee for the 2nd World Congress on Neurobiology and  Psychopharmacology  plus The European Association of Psychiatrists Annual Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece.  Taking place in November 2011. 

2012  Appointed Memcer of the scientific committee for the 3rd  World Congress on Neurobiology and  Psychopharmacology  plus The European Association of Psychiatrists Annual Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece.  Taking place in May 2013


2012-16: Chief investigator of joint UCLan & NHS research project :  Examining the accuracy of a physical diagnostic technique For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, REC reference number is 12/NW/0877.


2014 Appointed Member of the scientific committee for the 4th  World Congress on Neurobiology and  Psychopharmacology  plus The European Association of Psychiatrists Annual Conference, Crete.  Taking place in May 2015.




2005: Ph.D. Biosciences, The University of Salford, Greater Manchester.


1984: D.O. The British School of Osteopathy, London.  


Professional Awards


Winner: The Institute of Osteopaths Research and Practice Award, 2015



Invited Speaker/Trainer/Presenter



1. Lectured to many lay discussion and charity groups throughout the country on many health issues and osteopathy, 1985 – onwards.
2. Lectured extensively to ME patient groups on Osteopathic treatment of CFS/ME, 1993-onwards.


3. Annual Lecture to the final year students at the British School of Osteopathy, London, on Osteopathy and Research plus The Osteopathic Treatment of CFS/ME (as part of their ‘Preparation  of Professional Life’ series of lectures) 1994 – onwards.


4. CFS/ME in school children, Lecture to the RCN’s Association of School Nurses Conference, Manchester,1996


5. The Manual Treatment of M.E. Day Seminar to the Northern Institute of Massage, Blackpool.1997, 1998,1999, 2001.


6. Osteopathy and ME, Open Lecture to the Public, St Michaels Hall, Gibraltar,1997.
7. Osteopathy and CFS/ME a training seminar for the Osteopathic Association of Scotland, Perth, 1998.


8. Osteopathic treatment of foot problems. Lecture to the Manchester Branch of the British Podiatric Association, 1999.
9. The Osteopathic Treatment of CFS/ME at Osteopathy 2000, London, an international conference for the osteopathic profession. 


10. Seminar on the osteopathic diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME, To blind massage therapists at the Royal College for the Blind, 2000.
11. Osteopathic Treatment of CFS/ME Lecture to 3rd year Students of The European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone , 2001.
12. The Osteopathic Treatment of Back Pain and Debate on Manipulation V Mobilisation at the Body and Sole Conference, National Conference Centre, Birmingham, 2001; an international conference for podiatrists and physiotherapists.


13. Seminar on the osteopathic diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME, St Hellier, Jersey, 2002.  to members of the British Chiropractic Association.


14. Seminar on the osteopathic diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME, Blatna, Czech Republic, 2006, to physiotherapists and osteopaths.


15. Seminar on the osteopathic diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME, Oslo, 2006, to members of the Norwegian Osteopathic Association.


16. Healthy ME seminar series with Prof Basant Puri and nutrition expert Susanna McIntyre in Bristol, Nov 2006; Nottingham, Jan 2007, London, Feb 2007.


17. Lecture to International  Colloquium  on CFS/ME, University of Southampton, February 2008.


18. Lecture on CFS/ME to Israeli Osteopathic Association, Jerusalem, February 2008.


19. Seminar on the osteopathic diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME, Dublin  to members of the Irish Osteopathic Association.  May 2008.


20. Seminar on the osteopathic diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME,  Bergen , Holland. To members of the Dutch Osteopathic Association.  May 2008


21. Workshop for GPs and consultants, Bergen, Holland, May 2008
22. Presented  three posters at the IACFS/ME conference, Reno, Nevada, March 2009
23. Invited Speaker  at World Congress of Psychosomatic Medicine, Turin, Italy. Sept 09. 
24. Invited Speaker  at the 1st World Congress on Neurobiology and  Psychopharmacology  plus The European Association of Psychiatrists Annual Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece. November 09. 


25. Guest Lecturer at the Irish Midlands Association for Fibromyalgia conference  in Tullamore, Ireland ,  October 2010.


26. Guest Lecturer at the Irish Midlands Association for Fibromyalgia conference  in  Tullamore, Ireland ,  October 2011.


27. Invited Speaker The 3rd Chongqing International Clinical Neuroscience Forum & NeuroDrug Conference, Chongqing, China, October 2011.


28. Invited Speaker and scientific committee member of the 2nd World Congress on Neurobiology and  Psychopharmacology  plus The European Association of Psychiatrists Annual Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece. November 2011


29. Invited Lecturer to the International Cranial Association, London, February 5th2012.


30. Invited Speaker to Perrin Technique Seminar in  Tullamore,  Ireland ,  August 2012


31. Invited speaker to South Sefton ME Support Group, Liverpool, October 2012.


32. Invited Speaker and scientific committee member of the 3rd  World Congress on Neurobiology and  Psychopharmacology  plus The European Association of Psychiatrists Annual Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece. May 2013.


33. Poster presented at the 3rd  World Congress on Neurobiology and  Psychopharmacology  plus The European Association of Psychiatrists Annual Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece. May 2013
34. CME Workshop at University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, May 2013
35. CME Workshop in New York City, May 2013
36. Poster presented at: Medineo conference on CFS/ME 2013: Update on Aetiology, diagnosis and management. Newcastle, Dec 2013.
37. Poster presented at IACFS/ME conference, San Francisco, California, March 2014.
38. CME Workshop in New York City, March  2014
39. CPD Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden March  2014
40. Invited Lecturer at The British Naturopathic and Osteopathic Association AGM, October 2014
41. Lecture to Manus Sinistra, British School of Osteopathy, Nov 2014
42. Invited Speaker and workshop presenter at The International Conference on Fluids and Osteopathy, Berlin Dec 2014.


43. CPD Workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa, April 2015.
44. CPD Workshop in Cape Town, South Africa, April 2015.
45. CPD Workshop in Munich, July 2015.
46. CPD Workshop at the Osteopathic School of GermanyHamburg, April 2015.
47. CPD Workshop/ Clinic Tutor training at European School of Osteopathy November  2015
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52. Invited Lecturer IACFS/ME conference Fort Lauderdale, Florida Oct 2016.


53. Invited Speaker and workshop presenter at The International Conference on Trauma,, Berlin October 2016.


54. Invited Lecturer Institute of Osteopathy Congress, Windsor,November 2016


55. Lecture  Course: The Lymphatic System to undergraduates Greek School of Osteopathy, Athens, March 2017.


56. CPD Workshop in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, March 2017

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