Dr. Fousekis Konstantinos, Pt, BSc, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor in Physiotherapy TEI of Western Greece

Master Instructor of ERGON IASTM Technique

Dr. Kostantinos Fousekis is a physiotherapist with a specialization in soft tissue mobilization and Sports Physiotherapy.

He is Assistant Professor in Sports Physiotherapy of the Department of Physiotherapy of Technological Education Institute of Western Greece.

He has a long experience in rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and sports injuries and is a professional physiotherapist of professional soccer teams. He is the author of the book entitled «Clinical Sports Physiotherapy» and of several scientific publications (https://scholar.google.gr/scholar?hl=el&q=kfousekis&btnG) regarding the evaluation and rehabilitation of sports and musculoskeletal injuries with soft tissue techniques.

In collaboration with Konstantinos Mylonas developed older IASTM techniques and created the technique ERGON TECHNIQUE as the basic treatment of painful and non-musculoskeletal disorders.

Dr. Fousekis- Curriculum Vitae


University:        Technological Educational Institute Of Western Greece/European University Cyprus
ID Number:  
Full Name: Konstantinos Fousekis
Rank: Assistant Professor of Sports Physiotherapy
School: Sciences
Department:   Health Sciences
Scientific Domain: Physiotherapy


Educational qualifications
Degree Year Awarding Institution Department Thesis title
BSc 1995 National & Kapodistrian University of Athens Dept of Sports Sciences Soccer Injuries
ΒSc 1998 Charles University – Prague -CZ Dept of Physiotherapy The effects of manual therapy in low back pain patients
MSc 1999 Glasgow University, UK, Sc Medical Faculty Incidence of soccer injuries in a professional soccer club
PhD 2010 National & Kapodistrian University of Athens Dept of Sports Sciences Multivariate analysis of myodynamic asymmetries, literalities and injuries in professional soccer players


Employment history
Period of employment Employer Location Position
From To
2014 date TEI WESTERN GREECE PATRA Associate Professor of Physiotherapy
2008 2014 TEI of PATRAS PATRA Lecturer of Physiotherapy
1998 date Shelf-employment EGIO Physiotherapist


Key refereed journal/ conference publications or monographs (list up to 8)
  Year Title Other authors Journal/
Vol. Pages
1 2010 “Intrinsic risk factors of non-contact quadriceps and hamstring strains in soccer: a prospective study of 100 professional players.” . Elias Tsepis,Peter Poulmedis, Spyros Athanasopoulos and George Vagenas British journal of sports medicine 77 560



“Lower limb strength in professional soccer players: profile, asymmetry, and training age  Elias Tsepis, and George Vagenas. .”Journal of sports science & medicine 9.3 (2010): 364.  9.3 (2010) 364


“Intrinsic risk factors of noncontact ankle sprains in soccer a prospective study on 100 professional players.”  Elias Tsepis, and George Vagenas. The American journal of sports medicine 40.8 (2012): 1842-1850.
4 2010  “Multivariate isokinetic strength asymmetries of the knee and ankle in professional soccer players.” Elias Tsepis, and George Vagenas. J Sports Med Phys Fitness 50.4 (2010 465-74


“The Effect of a Core Stability Program on the Functional Capacity of Patients with Chronic Recurrent Low Back Pain”. .”Physiotherapy Issues/Themata Fisikotherapeias 7.2
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8 2017 Association of low back pain on physical, sociodemographic and lifestyle factors across a general population sample within Greece. Billis, E., Koutsojannis, C., Matzaroglou, C., Gliatis, J., Fousekis, K., Gioftsos, G., … & Tsepis, E. Journal of back and musculoskeletal rehabilitation 30(2) 279-290.