gahl sela

BSc. Physio (New York),  MPhys (ManipTh) (Uni Queensland).

Area of Expertise

Dry Needling Courses


Ultimate Dry Needling Course

Gahl Sela – Bio

Course – Ultimate Dry Needling

Gahl Sela holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy as well as an MPhys (Manip Th). The subject of his research was palpation skills.

Gahl has worked in the USA in private practice and has worked in Israel since 1998 in both Private Practice and the Public sector. He sat on the Board of Directors of the Israeli Physiotherapy Society (IPTS) for 4 years.

Gahl was part of the IPTS special interest group who wrote Israel’s dry needling safety protocol. He has taught at the Physiotherapy department of University of Haifa since 2003. He is currently a consultant to an elite unit of the IDF and a Dance department at a high school of Music and Art.

Gahl has been working with the Israeli Medical Association group and has been involved with facilitating and assisting Dry needling courses sponsored by the IPTS in Israel since 2009 and has been teaching the Dry needling course since 2011.