Helene Simpson – Narrative CV

Helene graduated as a physiotherapist in 1984. She completed her BSc Med Hons Sports Science in 1990.  She started her private practice for sports related injuries, on the campus of the University of Cape Town in 1997. She works full time in the clinical setting, concentrating full-time on injuries related to the ankle-foot complex.

She completed her MSc Physiotherapy (cum laude) in 2013.  Her thesis was published in the South African Journal of Physiotherapy: “Physiotherapy for acute ankle sprains: How do we compare to evidence based clinical guidelines?”

She is a member of the South Africa Foot Surgeons Association (SAFSA). She has presented instructional talks at both SAFSA and South African Orthopaedic Congresses. Talks included: “Should I manage ruptures of the Achilles tendon conservatively?”, “Current trends and evidence in the rehabilitation for chronic ankle instability”, “Does my patient need physiotherapy after Hallux Valgus surgery”, “Is there evidence for physiotherapy in treatment of the flat foot “and many more instructional courses.

She attended the International Ankles Symposium in 2013 (Lexington, USA) And 2015 (Dublin). Her presentation in Lexington: “Treatment of Cuboid Syndrome” was published in “Quick Questions in Ankle Sprains: Expert Advice in Sports Medicine” (2015).

She has a particular interest in the management of OCL lesions in competitive athletes and was participated as a clinical expert physiotherapist at “Proceedings of the International Consensus Meeting on Cartilage Repair of the Ankle”, in Pittsburgh, 2017 and Dublin 2019.

Helene reads extensively to stay up to date with current best evidence on the rehabilitation of ankle and foot injuries. She is passionate about sharing this evidence and clinical experience and presents weekend workshops on the ankle and foot to colleagues, masters students, sports physicians, orthopaedic registrars both locally and internationally. Her instructional workshops are aimed to blend current evidence with clinical practice.