Bs Physio; Msc

Area of Expertise

Manual therapy, spinal rehabilitation

Janine Gray qualified from WITS University (BSc Physio) in 93 and UCT (BSc (Med)(Hons) Exercise Science (Physio)) in 94. She is currently completing her PHd degree at UCT researching the topic ‘The aetiology of lower back pain in cricket fast bowlers.

Janine’s lecturing duties include to the MPhil (Sports Physiotherapy) students at the Sport Science Institute, the Biokinetics honours students (UCT), the MPhil (Sports Medicine) students, the 3rd year physiotherapy students and the Sports Physio Therapy 1 and OMT1 courses. Janine also lectures privately on various sports and manipulative physio topics around SA. Janine has also authored and co-authored various physio and sports medical papers and she has been involved in various positions of responsibility, most recently the organising committee for the 2nd World Congress of Science and Medicine in Cricket and is a committee member for the South African Rugby Football Union Medical Committee.