BSc Physio

Area of Expertise

Visceral Pathology, Pilates, rehabilitation


Groin injurries and the viscera – Hot Topics Conference

Joanne Enslin-de Wet is a qualified physiotherapist with degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand, University of Cape Town and Boston University. Her area of interest started in 1988 with looking at the effect of the sacroiliac joint (pelvis) on sports injuries and lower back pain. She attended Michigan State University where she studied the biomechanical models of spinal and joint  assessment and treatment. She presented courses on this subject and lectured both locally and abroad.  She has furthered her studies extensively abroad in many areas of physiotherapy and osteopathic medicine.

In  1997 she introduced Pilates into her rehabilitation programs,  and introduced STOTT Pilates to South Africa.

Joanne is fascinated by the select few patients returning with recurring symptoms. She feels that there is still an element missing that has another level needed to be researched. The introduction of  Visceral Manipulation as part of the treatment has hugely impacted on successful patients recovery.

It has always been Joanne’s fundamental belief that treatment requires an integrative approach. Her talk at the 2011 Hot Topics  – ‘Hip and Groin’ conference will assess the structural relationship between the viscera and their fascial / ligamentous attachments to the musculoskeletal system and hip / groin pathology in particular.