B.App.Sci. Phty., Grad.Dip.Manip.,M.P.A.A., Sports Physio.

Area of Expertise

Shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome


Level 1 and Level 2 Shoulder courses

Lyn Watson of Melbourne, Australia is a titled Sports Physiotherapist and a Clinical Manipulative Physiotherapist.

Lyn has conducted much clinical research and has published papers on frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, scapular biomechanics and glenohumeral joint instability outcome measures.

Lyn’s many shoulder workshops have been presented locally and internationally and Lyn also lectures on the Masters Manipulative Therapy and Sports programmes for Melbourne and Latrobe Universities and is enrolled in a clinical doctorate program.

Lyn is also the clinical specialist in an elite surgical team, a specialist consultant to the Australian Cricket Team and she has treated a wide range of elite athletes including Olympic swimmers, water polo players, tennis players and paddlers.

Both her Level 1 and Level 2 courses have been fully accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the Chartered Physiotherapy Association (UK).


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