Rina Pandya – Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Rina Pandya, PT, DPT, has an extensive physical therapy career that spans over 20 years, through the UK, the USA and the Middle East. She has worked in NHS (National Health Service), American health care as a physical therapist services in acute care, in-patient rehab, skilled nursing facility, home healthcare and outpatient clinic. In addition to being a clinician she has developed specialty programs based on evidence-based practice in her role as a project manager. She has also managed a Physical Therapy department as Department Head in premier private hospital in Oman. Dr. Rina has been involved not only in advancing her clinical career but she has also contributed to the academic aspect of Physical Therapy. She has developed and presented courses for a decade now with excellent remarks from her course attendees. She has a knack of presenting complex concepts in a simple format with practical clinical outcomes and application. Rina graduated from Manipal University, India in 2000 as well as University of Michigan, in 2018 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Rina is a member of the APTA, HCPC-UK and OAP-Oman.




Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dates Attended   Degree and Year Earned Aug/ 21/2018
Spring 2016 – Fall 2018 Concentration of Study Physical Therapy Post- Professional
Institution School of Health Professionals and Studies

University of Michigan- Flint

Institution Address 303 E Kearsley St, Flint, MI 48502. USA

Phone: +1 (810) 762-3300

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Dates Attended   Degree and Year Earned April/28/2001
August 1996- April/2001 Concentration of Study Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Institution School of Allied Health Sciences

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Institution Address  Madhav Nagar, Eshwar Nagar, Manipal, Karnataka 576104, India


Certifying Organization License / Certificate Number Dates Valid
State of Michigan-Department of Licensing and Regulation-Board of Physical Therapy 5501012581 July/31/2020
Certifying Organization License / Certificate Number Dates Valid
The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) UK PH64589 April/30/2020
Certifying Organization License / Certificate Number Dates Valid
Oman Physiotherapy Licensure 8644 Permanent


  1. Kinesiology Taping and Manual therapy: 2019
  2. Shoulder Disorders 2019
  3. Global Manual Osteopathic approach: 2013
  4. Muscle energy for Pelvis, Sacrum, Lumbar, spine and Lower extremities , 2012
  5. Applied Techniques of Manual Therapy, A Clinical Approach to Myofascial Release 2010
  6. Shoulder Disorder, 2011


Speaker: 6th Global Conference on Physiotherapy, Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

Topic: Yoga and Physiotherapy.

Online courses for Continuing education:

  1. Understanding the opportunity in Lifestyle Medication: 08/2020
  2. The Biomedical Vital Signs of Lifestyle Medicine 08/2020
  3. Patient centered care: Motivational Interviewing and Health Coaching Sep 2020
  4. Lifestyle Medicine and Your healthcare team opportunity Sep 2020
  5. Corporate Health and Wellness: integrating Lifestyle Medicine
  6. CF Clinical Practice Guidelines Update: Lateral Ankle Sprains Completed Nov 12, 2019
  7. Case Studies of the Knee: Stability Impairments and Osteoarthritis Completed Nov 12, 2019
  8. Post-Surgical Management Part 3: Lower Extremity Surgical Interventions Completed Nov 11, 2019
  9. Post-Surgical Management Part 2: Upper Extremity Surgical Interventions Completed Nov 4, 2019
  10. Post-Surgical Management Part 1: Basic Principles and Spinal Surgery Completed Oct 30, 2019
  11. Conservative Management of the ACL Deficient Knee Completed Oct 29, 2019
  12. Assessment of Muscle Impairments Related to Knee Disorders Completed Oct 24, 2019
  13. Stability of the Knee: Management of Common Ligamentous Pathology Completed Oct 24, 2019
  14. Differential Diagnosis & Management of Anterior Knee Pain Completed Oct 21, 2019
  15. Upper Extremity Osteoarthritis Completed Oct 15, 2019
  16. Differential Diagnosis & Conservative Management of Lateral Knee Pain Completed Oct 18, 2019
  17. Clinically Relevant Meniscus Pathology: Evaluation and Treatment Completed Oct 18, 2019
  18. Examination of the Patient with Knee Osteoarthritis Completed Oct 16, 2019
  19. Treatment of the Patient with Knee Osteoarthritis Completed Oct 16, 2019
  20. Evidence and Interview of the Patient with Osteoarthritis of the Knee Completed Oct 15, 2019
  21. Hip Osteoarthritis Completed Oct 13, 2019
  22. An Introduction to Osteoarthritis Completed Oct 14, 2019
  23. Differential Diagnosis of the Lower Quarter Completed Oct 14, 2019
  24. Evidence-Informed Practice for the Clinical Specialist Completed Sep 17, 2019
  25. Upper Extremity Peripheral Nerve Entrapments Completed Sep 12, 2019
  26. Study Strategies for Standardized Physical Therapy Examinations Completed Sep 4, 2019
  27. Utilizing ICF Guidelines and Treatment-Based Classifications Completed Sep 3, 2019


  1. Myofascial Cupping Practitioner Certification
  2. Orthopedic excellence: Spine
  3. Orthopedic excellence: The Lower Quarter
  4. Orthopedic excellence: the upper quarter
  5. Endurance athlete
  6. Emergency management for sports therapist
  7. Differential diagnosis and medical screening
  8. Lifestyle Medicine and


Continuing education Instructor

  1. Course Title: Vestibular Rehab, assessment and Treatment Tools

Length of presentation: 8 hours. 30 seminars. Total 240 hours of direct teaching hours

Number of continuing education units/contact hours: 6 Hrs.

  1. Differential Diagnoses of Upper Extremity and Physical Therapy Interventions: 2 Hrs.; 2 CEU
  2. Differential Diagnoses of Lower Extremity and Physical Therapy Interventions: 2 Hrs.; 2 CEU.
  3. Role of Diaphragm in Recovery of Cardiopulmonary Patients after Mechanical Ventilation: 2 hrs.; 2 CEU
  4. Anatomy Trains and Yoga as Physical Therapy treatment.


DPT program:

University of Michigan – Flint: 27 credit hours

  1. Systems review and screening in clinical decision making.
  2. Management in Physical Therapy practice.
  3. Introduction to Musculoskeletal imaging.
  4. Neurosciences
  5. Assistive technologies
  6. Advanced medical imaging for diverse populations
  7. Pediatric Examination and intervention in practice
  8. Literature analysis in evidence base practice
  9. Examination and intervention in practice for integument conditions
  10. Pharmacology
  11. Evidence based practice
  12. Professional service learning

Research Methods: 30 Hours

Manchester School of Physiotherapy

  1. Research process
  2. Critical reading
  3. RCT’s, experimental, correlational, observation, quantitative, qualitative
  4. Research question, hypothesis testing, variables, operational definitions
  5. Reliability, validity errors and sampling
  6. Development and carrying out an experiment with special reference to reliability and validity
  7. Questionnaire design
  8. Qualitative research, interviews, content analysis
  9. Descriptive statistics, inferential statistics
  10. Informed consent, confidentiality, harm and ethical committees.


List roles/activities related to clinical education of PT’s and PTA’s at all levels of education.

Date Topic
2012 Running rehabilitation Principles: Biomechanical analysis and Treatment strategies
2012 Yoga for desk workers
2013 Rehabilitation of degenerative orthopedic shoulder
2014 Soft tissue release-: Myofascial Therapy, Graston, Cupping
2014 Knee rehab: ACL injury prevention and post-surgical rehab
2014 Balance outcome measures
2015 Management of Patellofemoral pain / Anterior knee pain
2015 Yoga for balance and fall prevention
2016 Joint mobilization techniques
2016 Upper extremity differential diagnosis
2017 Muscle energy technique for hip, pelvis and sacrum
2017 Muscle energy technique for upper quarter
2018 Core strengthening and progression
2018 Differential diagnosis of spinal disorders
2019 Trigger points and myofascial release
2019 Post surgical shoulder rehab
2019 Differential diagnoses between shoulder and neck pain
2019 A runners foot and return to running post injury.


  • American Physical therapy association
  • Indian association of physiotherapists
  • Academy of Orthopedic physical Therapy
  • Omani association of physiotherapists


  • Languages:

Proficient in English, Hindi, Gujrati, Urdu, Punjabi.

Basic: Arabic

  • Computer Skills
  • Office : Word, Excel, Powerpoint


Head of department/ Managerial job responsibilities (4 years):

  • Clinical administrative record documentation,
  • Supervision of PTA and PT,
  • Participation in professional association activities,
  • Multidisciplinary approach towards patient plan of care by liaising with physicians, surgeons, nursing staff and other disciplines involved in patient care;
  • Prepared annual performance evaluation all staff members, and incident reporting.
  • Schedule clinical rotations, vacation schedules and additional coverage as needed
  • Assisted higher authorities in developing and implementing policies and procedures for physiotherapy department;
  • Contributed to community awareness programs and departmental in-services;
  • Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction for the patients, their families, colleagues and administration

Physical therapy Outpatient and Home Care Skills (7 years):

  • Exercise programs,
  • Use of physical agents and electrical modalities,
  • Gait rehabilitation- orthopedic and neurologic diagnoses
  • Manual therapy: Myofascial Release Therapy; Graston technique; Cupping, muscle energy technique, Maitland’s Mobilization technique.
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Lumbar and core stabilization therapy
  • Upper extremity rehabilitation
  • Vestibular therapy and rehabilitation for BPPV
  • Multiplanar exercise therapy
  • Resistance and weight training
  • Managing and set up of the rehab
  • Sports and fitness training
  • Home evaluation and recommendation of assistive/adaptive devices

Physical Therapy In-patient Skills: (7 years)

  • Extensive experience in evaluating and treating patients in cardiac diagnoses, Cardiac- ICU, stroke unit and neuro ICU, medical wards, pre and post orthopedic elective surgery, Orthopedic trauma surgery, post-partum therapy, ER, Oncology, abdominal and bariatric surgery.
  • Cardiac, neuro and orthopedic long-term rehabilitation.

Clinical Experience:

Dates Employer Name Job profile and duties
    (Please refer to skill set section)
Jan 2017- Present DENSO Family Health Center Out patient- Musculoskeletal
 32 hrs/ week Michigan, USA
Jan 2014- Jun 2016 Muscat Private Hospital Head of Department
 40 hrs/ week Muscat, Oman (Manager, out-patient/ inpatient)
Sep 2012-Jan 2014 Rehab for Medical Lead Physiotherapist
 40 hrs/ week Rehabilitation
Muscat, Oman
Apr 2011-Nov 2011 Summit Professional Education Continuing Education educator
 240 Hours in total for vestibular therapy
Michigan, USA
May 2010- Nov 2011 Family Home Health Services Home Care Therapist
 40 hrs/ week Michigan, USA
Jun 2007- Jul 2009 Gentiva Home Health Services Home Care Therapist
 40 hrs/ week Michigan, USA
Dec 2005 – Jan 2007 Bronson Methodist Hospital Acute care/ Inpatient Therapist
 40 hrs/ week Michigan, USA
Aug 2003- June 2005 Morriston Hospital Rotational Physiotherapist
 37.5 hrs/ week Wales, UK
July 2001- Aug 2003 Singleton Hospital Rotational Physiotherapist
 37.5 hrs/ week Wales, UK