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Masters in physiotherapy, ( Cardio Pulmonary ), 2007 , India.

Bachelor of physiotherapy , 2003, India.

Area of Expertise:

Sports Physiotherapy, lower limb rahabilitation, dry needling

Courses / Lectures: 

Post Graduate courses and certifications :-

  •   MPT – Cardio pulmonary (India)
  •   CKTI (Certified Kinesiotaping Instructor)- Kinesiotaping Association International , USA ( KTAI )
  •   CDNI (Certified Dry Needling Instructor ) – The Dry Needling institute , SAEmail :


Sujata Khire Is a Senior Physiotherapist with over 14 years of clinical experience in leading multispecialty hospitals in India and Dubai .

After moving to Dubai 9 years back , she took a special interest in Sports and Musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation and developed her skills by exploring newer techniques like Dry needling , Kinesio Taping , Fascial Release etc . Combined with the background in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation , she has been treating a wide range of acute – chronic Sports / Musculoskeletal Injuries and Respiratory Disorders in acute care settings and advanced rehabilitation centres.

She further completed her Instructor training for Kinesiotaping and Dry Needling and since been teaching these techniques to a diverse group of professionals like Physiotherapists , Occupational therapists , Osteopaths , Chiropractitioners , Acupuncturists , Sports trainers, Sports massage and soft tissue therapists .

She is a Certified instructor for Kinesiotaping ( CKTI ) from the Kinesiotaping Association , USA and conducts KTAI CERTIFIED kinesiotaping courses in Middle East and India . ( )

She is also Certified Instructor for Dry Needling , from the Dry Needling Institute SA , and conducts certificate courses on Dry needling in the Middle East and India which are certified by Club Physio. ( )

Sujata has presented on various occasions at national and international conferences, enjoys teaching and travelling and firmly believes that learning is a constant process with no limits on age or experience !

She currently has her private practise in Dubai. She is also attached to the University of Sharjah as a clinical tutor . Teaching is a passion to her and aims to work towards spreading the awareness of the scope of physiotherapy amongst medical and non medical community.