Qualifications; Doctor of Osteopathy.
Area of Expertise; Oro-fascial and tooth manual therapy
Courses; Manual therapy at the tooth level

Dr Colin Malval, Brief CV

Course – Manual Therapy at the Tooth Level

Who is Colin Malval D.O.

Colin Malval is a french Osteopath …..

● with over 10 years experience providing osteopathic treatments to a variety of patients in clinical settings;
● who has experience with classical English structural, French visceral, biodynamic and emotional osteopathy;
● and an expert teacher and researcher in dental osteopathy;
● and the author of “Stop Grinding your Teeth, a holistic approach to Bruxism;
● speaks English, French and German.

​Professional Experience Osteopath D.O. in Clermont-Ferrand, France Present Private practice

Lecturer, “Dental osteopathy”, Kobe, Japan 2017

Osteopath D.O. in Cannes, France 2017 • Joined practice with Dr Marine Perrin, Doctor in Dental Surgery • continued practising pre- and post- implant treatment

Author, “Stop Grinding Your Teeth, a holistic approach to Bruxism” 2016 • Radio guest speaker, locked on Wellness

Member of the International Jury, Canadian College of Osteopathy 2015 & 2016

Osteopath at Mahaya Health, Toronto, Canada 2012 – 2015 • Incorporate nutrition and counselling to practise • Animated several lectures on different health related topic

Osteopath at Schecter Dental, Toronto, Canada 2013 – 2015 • Performed dental osteopathy • Animated several lectures on bruxism and dental osteopathy

Osteopath at Liberty Clinic, Toronto, Canada 2011 – 2014 • Deepened emotional osteopathy

Osteopath at Naturheilkunde Steffen Baer, Karlsruhe, Germany 2010 – 2011 • Deepened biodynamic fluidic techniques • Taught osteopathic private lessons

Osteopath at Praxis für Osteopathie, Freiburg, Germany 2010 – 2011 • Treated pregnant women, babies, athletes, physical disabilities and mentally handicapped Patients

Mentorship under Dr Christine Perez Doctor in Dental Surgery, France 2009 – 2010 • Use and benefice of dental osteopathy in adjusting bite tension, cranium mobility, pre and post-dental work

Additional Experience Internship, CIDO clinic, Saint-Etienne, France 2007 – 2009 • Participated in sporting events • Combined dance and osteopathy in order to work with dancers • Post-grad class in dental osteopathy, by Dr Andre Mergui, Stomatologist

Anatomy Teacher, French Federation of Hatha Yoga, France 2008 – 2010 & 2018 • Lectured to over 60 people. • Adapted speech either to students or working professionals • Able to create interactive lectures

Internship, S.A.D.T. Gupta Yogic Hospital, Kaivalyadhama, India 2009 • Worked as a part of an ayurvedic and naturopathic team • Treated diabetic cardiac and depressive patients • Taught osteopathy at physician workshop • Found out the benefits of Yoga practice in treatment of diseases

Osteopath Assistant, Naturopathic Cure, Knokke-Le-Zoute, Belgium 2008 • Discovered the benefits of sound and light therapy

Internship, CHPL Hospital, Surgery Department, Saint-Etienne, France 2008 • Observed surgical operations • Provided support to patients in recovery room

Formal Education Diplôme d’Ostéopathe,Centre International D’Ostéopathie, CIDO, Saint-Etienne, France Baccalauréat with “Très Bien”Lycée Montdory, Thiers, France

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