 Nationality: British
 Date of Birth: 6 August 1963

Dr John Brazier (the founder of KORE system) is an expert of functional medicine and its effects on your organs, emotions and illness’s, an honouree Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine, an Oriental medicine practitioner (Thai & Japanese) and a specialist in Western Musculo-Skeletal systems. For the last 30 years he has studied with masters all over the world, and believes ‘real’ successful holistic medicine is based on being able to diagnose & treat on all three mind, body & spirit levels. He has enhanced his physical medicine modalities by training in psychology and personal development. His outstanding therapy success around the world with chronic conditions, pain and his wealth of clinical, athletic and corporate experience has placed him firmly as one of the worlds leading health practitioners, recognised award winning training provider, event speaker and health & well-being advisor.

• Honouree Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing, China)
• Oriental medicine practitioner (Japan & Thailand)
• MSc. Oriental Medicine (USA)
• Numerous modern Western complementary medicine systems (UK)
• Psychological & motivational enhancement
• Principal of The KORE Academy
• Worldwide Speaker, Educator and Motivator
• Ex-Vice President FHT (UK largest professional therapist association)
• Wellness innovation awards (Germany): Runner up health & fitness
• Health & Beauty Training Awards: Overall winner ‘Outstanding Training Provider’. Winner of categories: Best Training Provider: ‘Complementary Therapies’ & ‘Sports, Health & Fitness’
• 8th Dan Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor
• National Karate Champion 1983-89


With over 25 years of integrated medicine experience in Chinese hospitals, International health resorts, with TCM professors, Qi Gung masters, Osteopaths and Physio’s working with premiership & international footballers, movies stars, lords & ladies, royalty and thousands of different conditions with the general public gives John the experience & expertise to quickly get to the heart or cause of each persons condition.

John can then chose the exact combination of therapy to suit each patient exact requirements. He not only offers an amazing variety of treatment modalities but his skill is ensuring each client gets exactly what they and their condition need for the fastest recovery including KORE Therapy, acupuncture, Tuina massage, cupping therapy, cranial balancing, spinal alignment, energetic release and the psychological support to make a breakthrough.

His clinical research and success has proven that there is often just 3 key issues that lead to most imbalance & symptoms, simply corrected it means recovery is often just 1 treatment away.

His KORE system can often prove the exact location of the root of most problems through using ‘Correlation muscle testing’ techniques that can be implemented without deep medical knowledge allowing most spa’s and therapists to quickly diagnose and treat the underlying causative factors to many peoples issues enhancing their recovery and improving their relaxation in life not just in treatment.

KORE uses a unique mixture of Western & Eastern medical diagnostic skills to assess musculo-skeletal balance, free & easy blood flow, correct organ function, energy flow and neurological function.

John’s success in championship martial arts, all round sports achievements and respected 8 black belts from Grand Master Hatsumi have provided him with a very strong foundation to provide exceptional treatments.


John delivers one of the most successful integrated medicine systems in the world; the list below has been achieved often on the most difficult of patient cases often where the usual Dr. Physio Chiropractor treatment approach has failed. By understanding that all conditions are a combination of bone misalignment, nerve inflammation, digestive imbalance and emotional irritation John sees outstanding and often unexpected recovery’s.

John has delivered his special type healing & training around the world in China, Thailand, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait, India etc.
Now practicing in Zurich, Switzerland & UK John works alongside doctors specialising in cardiology, neurology, all forms of surgery recovery, plus general back, bowel and muscular problems, sexual health & anti-aging.

His award- winning KORE academy provides training, certification, license and on-going support to professionals in KORE Performance (fitness professionals) & KORE Therapy (therapists) so that this relatively simple to master, yet a quick and impactful system can be of benefit to many. We have trained physicians, physiotherapists, nurses, fitness professionals, coaches, spa therapists and individuals in KORE techniques to enhance the efficacy of their respective practices and treatment skills.


Mr Great Britain (Champion Body Builder) found after just 1 treatment he was pain free with a dramatic increase in power ‘Amazing power up 40K more in one treatment! Every sports person needs this, me & my team will be using John for many years to come’

Paul Simpson, Manager of England / Carlisle / Preston Football Clubs; It quickly became very obvious that these were skills I had not experienced before…I could see immediate results”

Neil Dalton, Head Physiotherapist
 BSc. Hons. MCSP SRP DIST; “KORE screening fills a vital roll in our injury assessment and recovery practices, ensuring we have an excellent standard of quality here at the club, I can highly recommend it to any professional physio or organisation.”

Vergel Jay T. Bautista, M.D., Assistant Holistic Health Manager, Chiva-Som International Health Resorts, Thailand.; ‘KORE Therapy has proven to give benefit to guests suffering from a range of illnesses from headaches, depression and anxiety, up to structural problems as a result of sport injuries, fatigue, aches and pains on different aetiology. It is gifted with a healing touch that nobody could imagine would be possible.’

Paul Eales European tour winner & board member; ‘John’s approach is unique within the golfing world, he quickly find the weakness’s
that effect your swing and performance, then treats the root cause to those issues, to the point were you are amazed at your own instant renewed power, changing you from stiff awkward movements to powerful confident motion.’

Karen Felimond, Mercure hotel spa Director (UK); ‘KORE has brought a new professional facet to our spa’s across the UK, we are seeing an excellent increase in footfall of new corporate and leisure clients who would have never chosen to use our spas before, and returning for more!’

Corporate & company cooperation’s
IFAA, British Armed Forces, Peninsula, Four Seasons, Steigenberger, Mercure hotels – National & International football teams – Bank of America – Athletic associations – British Aerospace – Lancashire Police & Ambulance services – Chamber of Commerce – European golf tours, clubs & professionals – Government councils – The Fiat Group – Blackburn, Cumbria & Salford University’s – FHT…
Specialist Education Provider
‘Beyond wellness’ – Providing spas with the ability to focus on condition correction to open up new markets & revenue streams with corporate guests & fitness members
‘Fitness wellness’ – Musculo-Skeletal Screening – Providing Personal trainers and fitness centres with the ability to screen & treat members
Corporate – Educating employees to take control of their own and their families health & life balance, reducing burnout and increasing quality relationships.
Lecturer at:
2017 British Armed Forces Academy ‘Higher command course’. Artzt Symposium (Fascia conference). Hirslanden private hospital St Galen, Switzerland. Pilates Studio Uster, Switzerland. Vana health retreat, Dehradun, India. IFAA fitness convention (Germany),
2016 British Armed Forces Academy ‘Higher command course’, IFAA fitness convention (Germany), ECA fitness convention (USA), Six Senses spa (Thailand), Pure beauty Carlisle.
2015 Peninsula hotels Shanghai & Beijing, Derby County football team, Four Seasons hotel (Beijing), IFAA (Heidelberg Germany), SpaChina event (Tianjin, China), Bali lounge spa (UK), International Dermal Institute, WTS International (USA).
2014 Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof Hotel (Germany), Catic Wellness (Shenzhen, China), IFAA, Pfitzenrmeier & Amiga fitness (Germany), Four Seasons & Peninsula hotels (Shanghai & Beijing) Summa Spa training college (Beijing), Aromatherapy Associates, Bank of America.
2013 SpaChina, Blackburn university, Senspa Carey’s manor hotel, National exhibition Centre, Bank of America, Dermal Institute UK & USA, Birmingham university, Amiga gyms & FIBO (Germany).
2012 Kingsmill GC (USA), International Wellness summit (Thailand), Cumbria university, Hubertus hotel, Mercure hotels, European Spa summit, English golf union, European golf tours.
2011 Chiva Som Int. health resort, European spa summit, Holistic health, Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Conference.
2009 The Back Show, London – Leisure Industry Week, Birmingham – Spinal Diagnosis, York, Professional Spa Show, London – Chiva Som Int. Health Resort – Kent & Lancashire Police, Health & Wellbeing at Work, Birmingham
2008 Chiva Som Int. Health Resort – CAM, London – Professional Spa Show, London, Spinal Diagnosis, Peterborough – Professional Beauty, Manchester, Sports conference, Leicester University – Cupping Therapy, Edinburgh
2007 Chiva Som Int. Health Resort Thailand – Fit 4 Life conference Leeds Uni, Food Testing Seminar, Sheffield – Sports Conference, Birmingham University, Anmo Fu Seminar London – Holistic Health Show, Donington
2006 British Spa Conference, Malta – SpaPro Asia, Taiwan, InterContinental Hotel Hong Kong – Spa Asia Wellness Summit, Thailand, British Reflexology Association Birmingham – The Beauty Show, Edinburgh, Health & Beauty Training Show, London – Sports Conference, Loughborough University, Healing Arts International Festival, Dublin