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Area of Expertise

Certified in Functional Movement Screening, Advanced Active Isolated Stretching, Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Release and a Licensed Massage Therapist




Marjorie Brook –  Brief CV

Marjorie Brook, International Educator, Therapist, Author and creator of the STRAIT method coruse is one of the most dynamic instructors in the manaul therapy world today. Leaving the high-pressure, low fulfillment world of network television, Marjorie found her calling in health and wellness.

Forever the innovator, Marjorie began blending some of the most proven and successful therapeutic techniques, eventually developing her own system for alleviating the trauma caused by scar tissue and fascial issues.

Seeing a void in materials and information concerning proper stretching Marjorie released Flexibility First: A Fitness Approach for Life. Two series of stretching manuals which provide easy user-friendly guides for stretching oneself and clients to achieve balance throughout the body. Included are protocols for working with major diseases and injuries.

Her STRAIT Method™ is a seamless meeting of her Scar Tissue Release and Integrated Therapeutic Stretching™ approaches.

A sought-after speaker, consultant and practitioner, Marjorie’s seminars have received glowing reviews from attendees of all experience levels.  Her articles have been featured in Massage Today(USA), Massage World (UK) and American Fitness Magazine.

Scar tissue is one of the most common, yet perplexing issues faced by massage therapists and other healing professionals. While several methods may work around the problem, Marjorie Brook will show you how to clear scar tissue with instant results.

In this seminar, you will learn how to use Marjorie’s STRAIT method™ to assess and identify fascial restrictions and clear scar tissue both superficial and deep. This comprehensive approach covers not only the physiological but psychological and emotional aspects of scar tissue and fascial restrictions, giving you a greater understanding of your clients’ needs. This unique, whole person approach will help you optimally communicate with your clients and treat their issues with utmost care and precise technique.

Click here for more info on the STRAIT Method Scar tissue course:

Marjorie’s workshops will give you hands-on practice with different types of scar tissue. You’ll also be given instruction in proper body mechanics that will support you in your work as a scar-tissue release therapist.

Personal experience is essential to understanding the effectiveness of this technique — be prepared to give as well as receive a treatment.
“I place Marjorie high among the best Stretching Practitioners In the world. She is a cutting-edge teacher, who students across the nation rate as exceptional”
Aaron Mattes, MS, RKT, LMT
Pioneer Active Isolated Stretching

“I have been right at the cutting edge of health and fitness and reporting on emerging trends that became mainstream for decades. From Johnny G and Spinning to Billy blanks and Tae Bo. With the trends in fitness now moving to REJUVENATION I am happy to procalim Marjorie Brook and Activate Isolated Stretching as one of the key “Next New Things” that will explode over the next few years.”
Greta Blackburn
Editor Ms. Fitness Magazine
Founder/Director of Greta Blackburn’s FITCAMPS

“Marjorie Brook is an excellent therapist/instructor/author. She is well trained and very experienced. As an instructor she is an energetic, clear communicator who can work with groups of any size. Marjorie can explain her techniques in the most technical and accurate language to other professionals or simply explain concepts and techniques to lay-people and beginning students. She uses state of the art audio/video equipment effectively. Marjorie is an honest person, a true professional who is trustworthy, dependable, and fun to be around. I highly recommend Marjorie and Brook Seminars to anyone seeking high quality educatioal presentations.”
Ralph R. Stephens, LMT, National Lecturer
Author of Therapeutic Chair Massage

“Marjorie Brook’s course on treating scar tissue adds another valuable skill to the osteopathic tool-kit! The techniques are direct and make no apologies but they are very effective in removing long-standing obstacles to health and allowing better tissue health and mobility. Marjorie is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher and with her you are guaranteed a lively, entertaining and enabling course”.  Enda Butler, Osteopath, London, England
British School of Osteopathy

 ”Having worked with AIS (active isolated stretching) I was intrigued to see what Marjorie could bring to the party! Marjorie certainly has a fresh and innovative perspective on this technique. Really enjoyed the learning experience”
Joyce Gavin B.Sc ACSM Cert, Author
BODYFIRM Founder, Managing Director, Master Trainer for the PROGRESSIVE Pilates Academy, & European Master Trainer for FreeMotion (USA) I Tonic
Ireland’s first lady of Pilates being credited with bringing this wonderful technique to Ireland in the 90′s.

 ”Marjorie’s scar tissue release course was enjoyable to attend & very inspiring. Her approach & techniques have enhanced my practice by enabling me to recognise the effects of scar tissue & fascial tensions in certain patients. I have found the techniques to be easy to apply & extremely effective in treating these adhesions & have experienced excellent results. I highly recommend this course to all physical therapists!”
Terri Willmott, Osteopath, Driffield, England