M.P.T. Neurology, CDNP
Area of Expertise

Dry Needling, Electro physical agents on Nerve muscle physiology and Central and peripheral pain de sensitization

Dry Needling

Naveen Kumar, M.P.T. Neurology, CDNP, is an Academician (faculty of Physiotherapy) and clinical Physiotherapist at Nizam’s Institute of Medical sciences, Hyderabad. Naveen’s clinical experience includes Physiotherapy management in conditions related to Neurology, Neurosurgery and Musculo skeletal conditions. He has underwent other training courses like Neurodynamics, Kinesio taping and PNF. Academic experience includes teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students of Physiotherapy, Guide for more than 20 post graduate dissertations. His special interests are nerve muscle physiology, pain mechanisms, and use of electro physical agents on myofascial system in Neuro, Musculo skeletal conditions.

Naveen learned his Dry Needling and completed his modules in July 2012, undergoing training from Club Physio and the Dry Needling Institute. Positive results of Dry Needling motivated him to go further in this field and he became a certified Dry Needling practitioner after passing both his practical and theory exams in July 2013. He has assisted on the Level 1 Dry Needling Courses with Claire Waumsley and Dr. Chris Yelverton and became a certified Instructor in September 2014.

Naveen has assisted and co-taught courses in the UK and UAE and has taught the Level 1 DN course in Hyderabat and New Delhi, India in 2014.
Presentations and Guest Lectures

• Dry needling concept for the management of MTrPs – National conference , Physio
Colloquium, DDHRC, Hyderabad.
• Presentation of the Level 1 Dry Needling Course in Hyderabad and New Delhi
• Recent trends and controversies in Physiotherapy for cerebral palsy- National
cerebral palsy day-NIMS. Department of Neurosurgery, NIMS
• Physical Activity, Fitness and Exercise: ARDSI & Department of Neurology
• Physiotherapy for persons with Dementia : ARDSI Caregivers
• Functional Interventions – Physiotherapy for Dementia
• Physiotherapy for Paraplegia and Quadriplegia: For PGDGM
• Role of Physiotherapy In Disability Limitation : IMA AMS
• Basic Issues in Geriatric Care: Physiotherapy for Elderly
• Uses and Fitment of orthotic devices in Neuro-Musculoskeletal conditions
• Physiotherapy Training for Bedside Assistants in Geriatric Care

Publications and Poster presentations:

• Naveen Kumar Balne.: Role of Physiotherapy In Disability Limitation : Annals of IMA AMS 2010,Updates in Modern Medicine;  I.M.A Academy of Medical Specialities, Page No: 75-78.

• “Standing posture and physiotherapy following ablative neuro and orthopaedic surgeries for knee flexion in spastic diplegia    (apreliminary study of 60 cases)” – accepted for publication in Indian journal of cerebral palsy, for july 2013, volume :1 Prashanthi vemulamanda, Naveen Kumar Balne, A.K.Purohit

• Poster Presentation on Effect of Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy on daily function in patients with upper limb hemi paretic stroke at NIMS, April 2011, Brain awareness Month: Authors: M.Ajay Kumar, Naveen Kumar Balne, Dr.Subhash kaul, Dr. Suryaprabha.

• Poster Presentation on “effect of neurodynamics in carpal tunnel syndrome” in durgabhai deshmukh college of physiotherapy viagra prodej. Authors: Pavan Yadav Kanneboina, Naveen Kumar Balne.

• Paper presentation on “Rationale for the use of NDS with Mechanical decompression in Degenerative disc disease- sciatica”. Authors: G. Priyanka, Naveen Kumar Balne. Physio Colloquium , National Physiotherapy conference 2014.