Pavlos Aggelopoulos, Pt, MSc is a Clinical Physiotherapist and Soft Tissue Practitioner and Master instructor of Ergon iastm technique.

Pavlos Angelopoulos is specialized in Sports and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Ergon IASTM techniques.

Pavlos Angelopoulos completed his Bachelor Science degree of Physiotherapy in Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece. His Bachelor Thesis was associated with therapeutic techniques for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and it earned the Award for the Best Thesis at Panhellenic Physiotherapy Conference of 2014. His Master Thesis is on the evaluation of novel myofascial techniques application on the functional capacities of athletes ankle.

He is a member of the Laboratory of Human assessment and Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine of the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece and he is interested in clinical intervention, manual therapy, biomechanics and physiology, soft tissue mobilization technique and is at the moment he is involved in the development of several research and teaching projects (some of them have been published). Furthermore, he is a member of the Panhellenic Physical Therapy Association as well as the Panhellenic Sports Physiotherapy Association.

Pavlos Angelopoulos is a Sports Physiotherapist. He works for a professional football team which participates in Second Division of Greek Football League and for a Rehabilitation Clinic. He works also as a partner of a scientific team in Technological Educational institute of Western Greece which is involved in Ergometric measurements of football and basketball teams.

He has been involved with novel soft tissue mobilization techniques and he is the Educational Director of Kinetic Flossing Technique and Head trainer of their seminars in Europe.