Tracy Prowse – Physiotherapist, Pain Practitioner, Mindfulness Teacher and Lecturer

Tracy Prowse is a pain practitioner, physiotherapist, lecturer and mindfulness trainer with over twenty years of clinical experience in treating patients who suffer with pain and illness that affect their daily functioning. Her special interest lies in the child and adolescent patient, although she has a varied caseload of all ages. Tracy’s aim, in her work with patients and in her teaching and lecturing, is to seed a healthy notion of one’s self & body, by helping clinicians and patients to understand the human condition with reference to the brain, central nervous system and the mind – body connection. The merging of the biology of human pain, stress and performance with the psychological and social environment, is the basic philosophy of her practice & workshops/lectures. It is essentially ‘scientific holism’ and is in keeping with international scientific discoveries and changing health practice.

Tracy has a Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy, a Certificate in Pain Management & Treatment, and is a candidate for the Mindfulness Based Interventions Certification through Stellenbosch University. She is also facilitates and co-lectures for Train Pain Academy.


MPhil Sports Physiotherapy, University of Cape Town, 2003
Bachelor of Science (Physio) Honours, University of Cape Town, 1998
Post Grad Cert in Pain Treatment & Management, Train Pain, 2017
Current candidate for Post Grad cert in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction,
Stellenbosch University/IMISA, 2019-20


Health Professions Council of South Africa
SASP- South Africa Society for Physiotherapists
SASP Paediatric Group
SASP Sports Group
SASP Pain Group

Academic Achievement;

Poster presentation of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Thesis, Chapter 3, CSP Congress, Birmingham 2003
Oral presentation of “Is inflexibility and biomechanical malalignment associated to PFPS?” IFOMT Congress, Cape Town 2004

Teaching, lecturing and speaking

Lecturer for Train Pain Academy Module 4 – Exercise for Pain
Supervisor for Module 6 of Train Pain Academy Cert in Pain
Speaker at ISASA Sports Conference
Speaker at Mickelfield Teacher’s Conference
Speaker at SASP Sports Physio Congress
Speaker at South African Montessorri Conference
Speaker at Sunlands Parent Conference
Lecturer of the SASP Physifun Weekend courses for health professionals
(HPCSA accredited for 16 CEUs)
Co-lecturer for the SASP Community Based Rehabilitation Group One day

Guest lecturer at UCT for 3rd year and 4th year students – March
Speaker at the ISASA Principals conferences
Lecturer for numerous parents’ and teacher’s workshops (Physifun) for schools and ECD centres all over South Africa. 2013-current

Management and Clinical Education courses

Senior II Role Development Course TEEC April/August 2003
Managing the Individual Performance Review St George’s NHS March 2003
Clinical Educator’s day St George’s Medical School February 2003
Supervising Students workshop St George’s Medical School January 2003

Relevant Clinical Courses

IMISA/Stellenbosch University Certification in Mindfulness based Interventions for health Professionals 2019 & 2020
Red Cross Paediatric Pain Conference – 2018
WCPT – July 2017
National Pain Course/Certificate in Pain modules completed and dates: 16/17 May 2015 Pain and Fear Elective; Principles of Pain Course January 2016; Exercise for Pain Rehab 9/10 April 2016;
Communication Course September 2016
Other Pain related courses completed: Melissa Saw evening lecture October 2015;
Adriaan Louw Evening lecture February 2016;
Tory Madden evening lecture 24 August 2016
Move The Fear Away – Elective Pain Course Mari Lundberg, Romy Parker, Jo Nijs May 2014
How physiotherapy helps children with DCD Sally Wright June 2010
CSP Move For Health Champion correspondence CSP January 2010
Internship with Pam Hansford Pam Hansford March-April 2010
Pelvic Dysfunction Corina Avni July 2007
Exercise in the Postpartum Mother Diane Lee & MJ Lee June 2007
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction Lucy Townsend May 2007
Acupuncture in Myofascial Pain Panos Barlas June 2006
Musculoskeletal needling Masterclass BMAS July 2005
Acupuncture Master Class – Myofascial Pain BMAS – Dr Robert Gerwin July 2004
Level 1 & 2 Get Fit For Golf Seminar Ramsay McMaster March 2004