BSc Psychology (London), Advanced Pilates instructor

Area of Expertise

Pilates and Movement training / rehabilitation


Body Sensing course

Yasmin Lambat is an internationally trained Human Movement Practitioner with an NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) communications skills background that compliments her integrated approach to mind body therapies.  Having started in the Fitness Industry 18 years ago, her background includes biomechanics, kinesiology, postural integration, personal training, Pilates, Feldenkrais, and the Franklin method.  She is the only certified Polestar Pilates Instructor in South Africa.  Currently Polestar Pilates is the only international Pilates organisation running clinical Pilates certification programmes.  Her exposure to core training principles and movement education covers a broad spectrum and has led to her developing her own core training programme she calls “Body Sensing”.

Movement therapy relies heavily on Body awareness which means that Body Sensing programmes focus more on an instructor’s ability to teach and communicate effectively.  The principles are based on developing clever cues that produce movement quality with ease and efficiency whether it’s for day to day posture, rehabilitation, sports related programmes or general fitness.

After spending 30 years in London, Yasmin moved to South Africa in December 2007 for sunnier weather!  Since then she has successfully set up a wellbeing coaching practice and studio in Orchards Johannesburg where she runs her workshops and training programmes for the Body Sensing method.  She is looking forward to making a contribution as well as sharing ideas with the Pilates community and other industry professionals in South Africa.

Workshop Testimonials 2009

“ The course really met my expectation thank you!!”

“ Very insightful, really enjoyed the session.  Challenges many traditional methods. Would love more!!”

“Thank you it was great…when can we do the rehab course?”

“When is the follow up course…this one was fabulous!!”

“Very informative on a number of levels….very inspiring and gave me lots to think about”

Just thought I’d let you know that I really enjoyed your workshop at Renee’s in Cape Town a week ago and have had a great time implementing what I learnt, and with good results so far, I might add. Look forward to attending another of your workshops in Cape Town in the future.
Lynn (Pilates instructor)

I was at your Body Sensing workshop day at Renee’s studio on the 15th Aug – just some feedback from that, lots of my clients have really enjoyed the new cues and focus – especially the equestrians, as it’s immediately applicable for them in their riding. They are also [on the whole] more subtley body-aware than some of the others, so have been able to appropriate it quite quickly.
Cristy  (Pilates instructor)

Hi Yasmin, thank you for the lovely course on Saturday it really made a big difference in the way that I teach.  Your imagary works like a charm,
Barbara (Pilates Instructor)

A different and better approach to functional movement with emphasis on neutral spine instead of neutral pelvis.  Changes the traditional teaching approach Thak you!!
Tracey (BCP instructor)

Really inspiring and brilliant presentation.  Included everyone in a mixed group of Pilates intructors and Personal trainers.  Addressed everyones individual needs with a completely new concept and presented it in a simple and understandable way
Pamela (ACE personal trainer)

An excellent workshop drawing together some complex concepts but presenting them with a simplicity that really works to get the positive reqponse from out clients that we often battle with.
Mattie Holme (BCP instructor and ACE personal trainer)

Body Sensing is a very accessable method with a good cues that I can use immediately.  I would certainly like to pursue this further so more workshops please.  Many thanks for your patient and knowledgeable teaching.
Noreen Thackery (BCP instructor)

Testimonials from Shoulder Girdle workshop Joburg

Would definitely recommend the Body Sensing shoulder girdle workshop.  The overall qulaity of the training, Yasmin’s knowledge of the subject matter and her level of communication was excellent.
Monja Boonzair (Pilates Foundation instructor)

Taught me to think differently about core compared to STOTT pilates way of imprint.  Learnt new and valuable ways to cue the shoulder girdle.  Really enjoyed this workshop
Lesley (STOTT Pilates instructor)

A whole new perspective, a real eye opener, I enjoyed it very much
Sean Irwin (BASI instructor)

Work Experience

January 2006 to present
Master Trainer and Educator in the UK and South Africa
Developing a core training programme called “Body Sensing”  which improves body awareness and core efficiency quickly . UK based workshops included

• Effective Advanced cueing with NLP
• Core training from Mat to standing
• Maintaining Spinal Integrity
• Pilates for Pregnancy
• Pilates for back care

Workshops in South Africa from May 2009 include

• An introduction to Body Sensing
• Effective Advanced cuing
• Journey to the core with “effortless effort”

May 2003 to January 2006

Pilates Instrucotor and Personal Trainer providing one 2 one sessions at various studios and Physiotherapy clinics in London. including Holmes Place, Virgin Active, Physio on the river and the White Hart Lane physiotherapy practice.

Gradually moved towards clinical Pilates through work experience with Physiotherapists and Osteopaths in London which led to a certification with Polestar Pilates the first rehab based course offered in London.  Course included programme design and exercise modifications for special populations.  This knowledge was enhanced further through ongoing educational programmes the highlight of which was  Tom Myers “Anatomy Trains” course in 2007.

September 1998 to May 2003

Set up own successful business as a Pilates instructor and  Personal Trainer specialising in core training and movement therapy working alongside and complimenting physiotherapists and osteopaths on rehabilitation programmes relating to ACL post surgery, herniated disc and other degenerative back conditions, shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder and dysfunctional pelvic floor issues.

1993 to September 1998

Worked as a freelance Instrucotor and Personal trainer for various health clubs in London



1984 – Psychology Degree – University of London

Business Related
May 2001 NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Business Practitioner

Health and Fitness Related

23 February 2009 – Tom Myers Anatomy Trains Movement Therapy
23 February 2009 – Tom Myers Anatomy Trains – Manual Therapy
May 2007 – Tom Myers Anatomy Trains – Behind the lines
June 2006 –  Polestar Pilates Certified Studio Instructor
May 2003 – STOTT Trained Pilates Instructor
March 2002 – Weight Management Centre Diploma in Nutrition
October 2000 – Les Mills Body pump Certifed Instructor

March 1997 – Anita Bean Sports Nutrition Certificate
May 1995American College of Education Pre/Post Natal Exercise Instruction
May 1994 Advanced Instructor Module – Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription
May 1994 Advanced Instructor Module – Resistance Training for the Gym & Studio
May 1993 American College of Education Certified Step Instructor
April 1993  Aerobics Fitness Instructor Certification with Distinction